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A Christmas Wish

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CFDb Review!

An enjoyable film that reminds us that God is needed in our lives and how we need to pray and trust in Him and have faith that He will work things out. I especially loved the way that the town got together to help someone out.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Film Synopsis:

When Martha Evans (Kristy Swanson) finds herself homeless with her two young daughters and stepson just a week before Christmas, she puts her trust in a new town full of friendly strangers and prays for the best.

Martha’s no good husband, Cal (Bart Johnson), has left her for the last time, emptying her bank account and disappearing without a word. Hopeless, Martha takes the kids to a sleepy town where she moves into a motel and begs the owner of the local diner, Trudy (Tess Harper), to hire her as a waitress. Taking a chance, Trudy decides to help Martha and her children, even as things go from bad to worse when Martha’s car breaks down and her bills start piling up. Then, as Martha begins to meet more of the locals, including handsome sheriff Joe (K.C. Clyde), perky teenage babysitter Jeanie (Danielle Chuchran) and grumpy but warm-hearted diner regular Les (Edward Herrmann), Martha finds her faith just be restored—-until Cal returns. Can the town still give Martha the merry Christmas she needs, or will her past prevent her from the happiness she’s found this holiday?

  • Kristy Swanson … Martha Evans
  • Aline Andrade … Clarice
  • Danielle Chuchran … Jeanie Bullington
  • K.C. Clyde … Joe Hopkins
  • Lilee Clyde … Katie
  • Kirstin Dorn … Mel Evans
  • Lloyd Eisler … Bad Bob
  • Mike Hagerty … Owen Bullington
  • Tess Harper … Trudy Willis
  • Kevin Herring III … Miles Evans
  • Edward Herrmann … Les
  • Star Herrmann … Carol Bullington
  • Taggart Hurtubise … Danny Park
  • Bart Johnson … Cal Evans
  • Claudia Mejia … Carmelita Carnes
  • Shawn Nottingham … Frank
  • Page Petrucka … Lola
  • Kent Richards … Jim Carnes
  • Kevin Westenskow … Don Meyer
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A Christmas Wish, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. Annelie says
    16 December 11, 10:44am

    There are requests out there to find out what is the name of the song with “Mary’s Child” in it and who performed it. Does anyone know?

    12/19 – Answer – the album will be on Amazon this week. The Song is Mary’s child and the artist is Craig Clyde.

    Here is a link to amazon.


  2. thelma bungori says
    09 January 13, 11:17pm

    the christmas show was so heart warming and so down to earth and true to so many including myself that i watch this show once the weak. this may sound dumb, but i really love how it touched my heart.

  3. linda hawkins-davies says
    04 January 14, 6:30pm

    this film is brilliant, have bought the dvd. Would really love to see an updated movie of Martha et all 1 year on.

  4. Judy says
    19 December 14, 7:53am

    The movie A Christmas Wish was great! In the motel that they were in there is a picture on the wall, where can I find out more info on it? I believe I have one like that.

  5. Sheryl says
    03 December 15, 9:06am

    I am looking for the sheet music for the song “Mary’s Child” from the movie “A Christmas Wish” that was on Hallmark Channel. Our small choir would like to sing it for our Christmas program. But we have not been able to find the sheet music for the song. Thank you and Merry Christmas, Sheryl

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