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A Courtship

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A Courtship

Film Description:

A Courtship – Kelly is saving herself for marriage and following Christian Courtship, an alternative to dating where parents, in conjunction with God, search for their daughters’ husbands. Kelly’s own parents think courtship is crazy, so she enlists “spiritual parents” to find her husband.

After living with her spiritual parents for seven years without finding a suitable mate, a promising suitor finally arrives on the scene. Now Kelly’s spiritual family must work together to determine if this is the one God has truly intended for her. Meanwhile, Kelly’s own parents try to convince her to return home, sure that continuing down the road of courtship will not lead to finding a spouse.

Release Date: (DVD) November 17, 2015

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Topic: Marriage

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  1. diana seminer says
    28 November 15, 10:54am

    SAW your movie yesterday
    LOVED it
    well done
    diana seminer

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