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A Father’s Love

Sneak Preview
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A Father’s Love

Film Description:

Mandy and Mia recently lost their mom and are coping with her passing in their own way. Mandy, a daddy’s girl, constantly trying to look out for her younger sister, Mia, who was really close to their mom. Jealous of Mandy for being close with their father while she clashes with him and feels overlooked, Mia harbors anger and resentment towards Mandy to cover up the grief she is going through with their mom’s death.Can their father find a way to mend the hearts of his hurting daughters and bring them closer together.

Release Date: (DVD) June 7, 2016

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Film Cast

  • Jennifer Pegues … Mya Harper
  • Walter Brown Jr … Mr. Harper
  • Monica Lucas … Mandy Harper
  • Enilse Ramirez … Isabelle
  • Nathan Salary … Principal
  • Varonica Hamilton … Paige
  • Miranda Immer … Maggie
  • Sophia Immer … Ruthie

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Representative: Ralph Dumas
Phone: 1-(405)-821-4222 Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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