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A Good Man Is Hard to Find

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A Good Man Is Hard to Find

Film Description:

A Good Man is Hard to Find – is a story about three women struggling with love and relationships. Rachel, an astute woman, who has a good man, trades him for career advancement. Monica, is a single woman who is struggling to find a good man and Charlene is a virtuous woman, married to the wrong man with the hope that God will change him.

Clarence is the right man, and Rachel is the right woman. They are in the right relationship but can’t see it. Clarence has worked very hard to put Rachel through school. Rachel, now with the big important job, frequents a fancier lifestyle than Clarence is accustomed to and wants him to acquiesce. Her aspirations lead her into the adulteress space of another man. As their relationship deteriorates, so does the relationship between her son and Clarence.

Charlene, a faithful Christian and Bruce her cheating, alcoholic, abusive husband are in the worst relationship imaginable. Charlene found God and Bruce found another women and the bottle. The verbal and psychological abuse has escalated to physical abuse. But Charlene, old school, believes if she stays committed to the relationship Bruce will change for the better.

(Parental Warning!)

Film Cast

  • Lance E. Nichols – Deacon Smith
  • Dejuan D. Turrentine – Buddy
  • Reginal Varice – Valet Driver

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