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A Mile in His Shoes

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Film Synopsis:

Based on the book “The Legend of Mickey Tussler”, this film follows the story of eighteen-year-old Mickey Tussler, who lives on a farm with his father and mother and who has Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism. But he can throw apples at an amazing speed.

When a chance meeting occurs with the baseball manager of the semi-pro team the River Rats, from Clayton, Ohio, Mickey gets a chance to pitch for the team and to prove to his father he can do more than live hidden away on the family farm, taking care of his pig Oscar.

  • Dean Cain … Arthur ‘Murph’ Murphy
  • Luke Schroder … Mickey Tussler
  • Jarod Joseph … Pee Wee
  • Jesse Hutch … George ‘Lefty’ Rogers
  • Jaren Brandt Bartlett … Raymond ‘Boxcar’ Miller
  • George Canyon … Clarence
  • Matt Kelly … Chip McNally
  • Anna Mae Routledge … Laney
  • Andrew Wheeler … Warren Dennison
  • Kenneth W. Yanko … Sheriff Billings
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A Mile in His Shoes, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. Ray says
    25 September 11, 11:42pm

    What were the names of the songs played in the movie “A Mile In His Shoes”

  2. JasonK says
    28 September 11, 4:42pm

    They were by George Canyon who plays the part of Clarence in the movie. He’s a Canadian country singer who was a runner-up on Nashville Star. Enjoy!

  3. Janet says
    30 September 11, 9:13pm

    What are the titles of the songs George Canyon sang on the movie A mile in his shoes?

  4. mother hen says
    01 October 11, 5:55pm

    A Mile in His Shoes–Is not just another sports movie !! Luke Schroder did a great job in playing a young man with Aspergers Syndrome ( a form of Autism ).It was a very good movie, I highly recommend it !!

  5. Joan says
    27 April 12, 9:15pm

    Is this movie based on a true story?

  6. CFDb says
    29 April 12, 8:03am

    Hi Joan, This is not a true store, but still a great story based on a book!

  7. Connie says
    18 July 12, 10:00pm

    A really great movie. One of the best baseball movies I have ever seen.

  8. Annelie says
    03 February 13, 2:57pm

    Cindy Navarro says…

    This is a fairly good film for the entire family to watch.

    To see her full review –


  9. Bryce says
    21 June 13, 9:50pm

    This was an incredible movie. Absolutely loved it and as soon as we finished watching it on Netflix, I turned to my wife and said “I wonder if CFDb has this movie listed… it’s a must have!” and did a quick search and not-to-my-surprise it’s already a listed movie.

    Worth watching if you’ve not already seen it.

  10. CFDb says
    23 June 13, 6:57am

    Thanks Bryce, we also loved the movie. I love that Netflix is getting more and more Christian Films!

  11. Annelie says
    23 October 13, 8:52am

    It says legend so maybe no one knows for sure. Maybe someone will know reading the post.


  12. Franco Zucarrelli says
    23 April 14, 5:53am

    Frank Nappi is a talented author who has crafted an amazing series. He is also a true humanitarian as he donates money to many groups such as Best Buddies and Challenger Baseball. Love these books and I am hoping for a third one soon!!

  13. Dakota says
    07 August 14, 3:21pm

    what is the name of the song?

  14. Brandon says
    07 February 15, 3:23pm

    I thought I heard a swear word in the movie, so I was just wondering if I was hearing it right?

  15. Annelie says
    08 February 15, 8:15am

    Here is the Dove Review – – looks like they said bullshoot so it wasn’t a swear word. It annoys me when that happens because I’m like you, did I hear what I thought I heard?


  16. Portia says
    14 September 15, 9:08am

    Excellent movie, Loved it, Dean Cain and Luke Schroader did an excellent job playing their roles

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