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A Path in Time

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CFDb Review!

A nice kid’s film with some great special effects. This movie makes you think about what legacy you are leaving to your children.

Film Synopsis:

After his father passes away, Tom (Jason Mitchell) is confronted with a mysterious package. Opening it reveals the unexpected and Tom is thrown into the past where he meets a strange man and two bold teens. The skepticism of Tom is evident as he learns he has not only travelled back in time but is vital in protecting it. Tom must discover the secrets of his father’s past, and then choose for himself what path to take before its too late.

  • Jason Mitchell ~ Tom Owens
  • Samantha Hill ~ Sara
  • Jordan Bergmann ~ Max
  • Jeremy Dangerfield ~ Grandfather
  • Claire Thomas ~ Mom
  • Jeff Stone ~ Mark Owens
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Phone: (949) 340-3583
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A Path in Time, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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  1. glo says
    12 February 12, 1:51pm

    One word – AWESOME !! This is a spectacular/great movie….we loved it!! The special effects are totally cool and remind me of “Clockstoppers” movie but better… You MUST see this movie, except for one thing we hated….the way it ended….where is the rest of it? Is this going to be a series? Is there going to be a follow up or sequel? There should be / better be…if not then this movie was not done with justice, it is a GREAT movie with so MUCH potential for more of it….like star wars, back to the future’s, etc…Can’t wait to see the next one (if there is one?)…Let’s work on this guys!! Thanks. Excellent work !

  2. bh says
    12 February 12, 1:53pm

    this was so cool. It was like Time Changers (movie), clockstoppers (movie) etc. The special effects and graphics were awesome. the story line is great and the way the story goes on is awesome. It really makes you want more but there isn’t any. Where is the other one? The next one? Where is the rest of it? Hope to see more of IT soon!!

  3. Amy says
    07 November 12, 2:51pm

    I liked it a lot but I wanted it to keep going. The graphics were awesome and the story was good as well.
    I would love to see more like it or a continuation of it.

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