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A Place in the Heart

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A Place in the Heart

Film Description:

A Place in the Heart – A broken heart consumes Nathan with bitterness blinding him from the love of his life and stifling all his dreams. Sometimes finding love and happiness is as simple as opening up your heart.

This Film used to be titled ‘A Matter of Time’

A Matter of Time - Christian Movie Film DVD with Kevin Sorbo - 2

Film Cast

  • Kevin Sorbo … Curtis Hanighan
  • Shelley Long … Nona
  • Ben Davies … Jeremiah Joelsey
  • Kelsey Sanders … Miranda Joelsey
  • Jason Burkey … Nathan Hanighan
  • Jack Ramey … Evan
  • Leslie Mills … Nurse
  • Criss Cheatham … College Coach
  • Tom Kovach … Restaurant customer
  • Wynn Reichert … Pete Pilson
  • Izzy Steel … Wren
  • Rusty Whitener … Coach Woods
  • Jason K. Allen … Restaurant Customer
  • Taylor Boswell … Baby Shower Guest
  • William McKinney … Drake
  • Harry P. Castros … Wedding Guest
  • Brooke Ellis … Cara
  • Philipa Booyens … Rival Team Basketball Player
  • Brelan Hurst … Foley
  • Jean Reinke … Teacher
  • Dylan Wade Jolley … Restaurant Customer
  • Jourdan Lees … Eagle Mascot
  • Rob Wilds … Bernie
  • Kim Kinsley … Realtor

Film Company Contact Details

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Film Details


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  1. 12 March 14, 5:52am

    I want to buy this DVD movie. The show on TV looks great

  2. 20 March 14, 6:56pm

    I really want to seee this. When is it out on DVD????

  3. CFDb says
    21 March 14, 4:52am

    Sorry, no date yet, will post here as soon as we get one, thanks

  4. togara says
    03 June 14, 5:44am

    hey…is the DVD OUT YET…

  5. Annelie says
    03 June 14, 9:08am

    no – it’s coming out in theaters first


  6. Andrea M says
    18 September 14, 10:12am

    Did this DVD actually release on 9-16? I can’t find it anywhere! Thank you.

  7. Annelie says
    18 September 14, 10:22am

    Hmm – great question – it was for sale and now it’s not. I’ve contacted the film company, should have the page updated in a day or two.


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