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A Thief in the Night III: Image of the Beast

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Film Synopsis:

“…Now mankind has been given what we really always wanted…a world without God”

The story continues into the Trumpet Judgments, featuring the victory of believing in Jesus and the effects of spiritual blindness. This third film in the series depicts the awesome story of the mid-years of the Great Tribulation foretold in biblical prophecy. The anti-Christ establishes a one-world government, while a small band of fugitives struggle to survive amid spectacular and terrifying judgments.

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A Thief in the Night
II: A Distant Thunder
III: Image of the Beast
IV: The Prodigal Planet
V: The Battle of Armageddon


  • William Wellman Jr. … David Michaels
  • Susan Plumb … Kathy
  • Patty Dunning … Patty Myers
  • Russell Doughten … Reverend Matthew Turner
  • Wenda Shereos … Leslie
  • Tom Rachford … Jerry Bradford
  • Maryann Rachford … Diane Bradford
  • Sandy Christen … Sandy Stevens
  • Ty Hardin … The Missionary
  • Ben Sampson … Billy
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Fax: 1-515-278-4738
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A Thief in the Night III: Image of the Beast, 4.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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