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A Walk in My Shoes

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CFDb Review:

A MUST SEE Family Film with many topics that will really affect your life!  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Film Synopsis:

A Walk in My Shoes – Ever judge someone just by looking at them? We’ve all made snap judgments about people. But what if we really got to know them? Would our opinions change? And what if we actually became them… how would the shoes fit? Stressed-out high school teacher Trish Fahey can’t understand her students’ lack of effort and why their parents don’t seem to care.

This is especially true of Justin, a basketball star who is under performing in her class. All of this changes when Trish wrecks her car and wakes to find herself living in the shoes of Justin’s mom, a woman she has personally judged and criticized.

With the help of a mysterious stranger, Trish discovers the real reason behind her struggles, teaching her a whole new meaning of compassion. No one is left unchanged.

  • Nancy Travis … Trish Fahey
  • Philip Winchester … Jake
  • Yara Martinez … Molly – the Angel
  • Cameron Deane Stewart … Justin Kremer
  • Jackson Pace … Mikey Kremer
  • Tra’Renee Chambers … Nurse in Clinic
  • Will Cuddy … Cool Dude Guy
  • Jana Lee Hamblin … Cindy Kremer
  • Betty Moyer … Phoebe
  • Elijah Nelson … Toby
  • Shiloh Nelson … Rescued child
  • Shanga Parker … Coach Kellums
  • Timi Rutter … Woman at Carnival
  • Sarah Willey … Head Cheerleader
Name/Company: Craig Anderson Productions
Contact Person:
Phone:  (323) 463-2000
Email: Email Contact
A Walk in My Shoes, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. CFDb says
    09 January 11, 11:29am

    A Great Film! Check out more up-coming films from, “Moms 4 Family TV”

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