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Abraham’s Desert

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Abraham’s Desert

Film Description:

Abraham’s Desert – One mans journey to the Holy Land, is another mans fight for the land.

When Jacob Lachance (Sean Yves Lessard) decides to visit his parent’s new Home in Israel, he unexpectedly discovers a different world. His plans are simple, rent a car and grab the feeling of adventure while making his six-hour journey to the city of Eilat. Life is never that simple and things never go as planned. A trip of pleasure turns into a detoured nightmare in a land steeped with conflict and turmoil.

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Topic: Bible Lands/Travel

Abraham's Desert - Christian Movie/Film DVD - Banner 2

Abraham's Desert - Christian Movie on DVD - Banner

Film Cast

  • Sean Lessard … Jacob
  • Hossein Mardani … Yishma’el
  • Hamzah Saman … Card Player 1
  • Ehab Elgharabawy … Card Player 2
  • Oded Yosef Kassirer … Rental Manger
  • Alina Chorna … Desk Person
  • Gol Balakh … Card Player 3
  • Julie Sabray … Girl Friend

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Base 9 Representative: Shane Ries
Phone: 909.859.6563 Fax: 909.396.0553
Email: Contact Address: 22324 Golden Springs Drive, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

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