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The Abstinence Project

Sneak Preview
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The Abstinence Project

Film Description:

The Abstinence Project is an inspiring redemption story constructed as a movie about a documentary which follows the character Jace Elliott, a 23-year-old directionless and reckless partier, who decides to take a yearlong fast from his vices which is: SEX, DRUGS, and ALCOHOL in order to find himself and his purpose in life; although, during this time he also unexpectedly finds love.

“The Abstinence Project” shows Jace Elliott,on and off camera, as he learns more about himself and the world around him than he ever thought possible as he and his production team travel the country documenting a fast that soon becomes a thrilling once in a lifetime experience.

Jace’s 365 day fast (from Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol) is documented in three sections: Sex in the Media/Sex in America, Felons/Druggies & Saints, and Cheers to the Rest of Our Lives all the while following Jace as he navigates his new way of life and examining how sex, drugs, and alcohol relates to other young adults around America. “The Abstinence Project” has a relatable tone showing the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual growth and progression of Jace Elliott coming out of a life style that was fast and full of illicit behavior and coming into his own finding prayer, love, faith, peace, meditation, forgiveness, wholesomeness, thankfulness, health, altruism, redemption, and true fulfillment!

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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Parental Warning

*In documenting the resulting redemption of the character Jace Elliott there will be a light use of profanity and risqué scenes in this movie as well as scenes including drug use/drug abuse.*

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