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Film Description:

“Addictions” follows Kayla Butler (Jacqueline Peter), your average girl next door who is about to face a review board in regards to her criminal charges to see what punishment she might receive. She has a dark secret the will shatter the image that everyone has of her. Can one event in someone life truly change it this much?

This is what the production explores as Kayla tells her story of the events that have lead her down the path in life she is on. Kayla tells the review board of her journey at the Lost Sheep Addiction group program, where she is forced to face recent events in her life that have lead to her being court ordered into the program. Through the program Kayla must now admit she has an addiction while learning to blend in with the group of people she is with, who all have their own demons of addiction that they are at different stages of facing and dealing with. Along the way Kayla accepts Christ into her life and it changes her perspective. But it does not change the fact that she is facing criminal charges. Sitting in front of the review board Kayla must convince this harsh and tough panel that she has learned from her experience. Can Kayla prove to them that she has changed and turned her life around, leading to her being set free or will they feel that she needs to be punished for her actions? Her future lies in the hands of this review panel. Will Kayla show them she has changed and be set free or will she face punishment for her actions? Could her ultimate fear come true? Could Kayla be facing prison time for what she has done?

Release Date: February 2, 2013

Addictions screen shot

  •   Jacqueline Peter … Kayla Butler
  •   Sara Douglas … Samantha Richardson
  •   Kathleen Henderson … Loudspeaker Announcer
  •   Larry Hicks … Officer
  •   Bryce Jones … Gregory Gordon
  •   Stephanie Klassen … MIchelle Lambert
  •   Corina Leatherdale … Counsellor Elizabeth
  •   Bethany Mink … Jaden Brooks
  •   Patti Muma-Cook … Board Member #2
  •   Brianna Popowczak … Shannon Moreland
  •   Fern Pridham … Board Member #1
  •   Chesney Sickles-Jarvis … Jessie Ridley
  •   Rya Walford … Alisha Mason
Company: m & s Marshall Productions
Contact Person: Matthew R. Marshall
Phone: 519-782-3971
Email: Email Contact

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