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Adventures in Odyssey: The Series

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Adventures in Odyssey is one of the best series. They are on the radio as well as having episodes on cassette and on CD’s. Every episode has a wonderful, meaningful message and draws you closer to God.  Electric Christmas is one of my favorites.

Adventures in Odyssey: The Series

Film Description:

Adventures in Odyssey: The Series – From Focus on the Family and Adventures in Odyssey. Follow the animated adventures of Dylan, Whit, Eugene, and all the characters from the Adventures in Odyssey radio series in these action-packed films.

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Topic: Children

Adventures in Odyssey The DVD Series

Adventures in Odyssey The DVD Film Series

The Adventures in Odyssey film series consists of 17 DVDs from both series. See individual titles for more info.

Episode #1 The Knight Travelers

Exciting story of a young boy who makes an unforgettable discovery about what is truly important in life.

Episode #2 A Flight to the Finish

Exciting story about caring for others and a rocket ride to the edge of adventure!

Episode #3 A Fine Feathered Frenzy

Whit and Dylan learn the importance of taking responsibility for your actions.

Episode #4 Shadow of a Doubt

This episode teaches children the importance of trust and friendship.

Episode #5 Star Quest

The sky’s the limit in this thrilling voyage with a valuable lesson about jealousy and friendship.

Episode #6 Once Upon an Avalanche

A story with a heartwarming reminder of the importance of kindness and brotherly love.

Episode #7 Electric Christmas

What lengths will Dylan go to get what he wants for Christmas?

Episode #8 Go West Young Man

A galloping adventure of courage and integrity.

Episode #9 Someone to Watch Over Me

A rousing tale of faith, courage and mystery.

Episode #10 In Harm’s Way

A critical choice and a powerful lesson awaits in this exciting tale of friendship and love.

Episode #11 A Twist in Time

The boys sneak into Whit’s workshop to see Whit’s newest secret invention and get more than they bargained for.

Episode #12 A Stranger Among Us

A valuable lesson about the power of what you let into your mind.

Episode #13 Baby Daze

Eugene must decide which is more valuable – the advance of science or a life made in the image of God.

Episode #14 The Last Days of Eugene Melstner (#1 of the new series)

Don’t miss this supercharged show with a powerful lesson about trusting God and lining each day as if it were your last.

Episode #15 Escape from the Forbidden Matrix (#2 of the new series)

Dylan and Sal learn the dangers of wasting time and discover what’s really important in life.

Episode #16 The Caves of Qumran (#3 of the new series)

Travel to the ancient caves of Qumran, where mystery, intrigue, and excitement abound.

Episode #17 Race to Freedom (#4 of the new series)

In this exciting Adventures in Odyssey video, you’ll learn that every person is valuable to God.

Film Cast

  • Hal Smith ~~~ John Avery Whittaker (voice)
  • Aeryk Egan ~~~ Dylan Taylor (voice)
  • Will Ryan ~~~ Eugene Meltsner (voice)
  • Katie Leigh ~~~ Connie Kendall (voice)

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  1. 12 January 19, 11:56am

    […] Adventures in Odyssey Adventures in Odyssey is best known for its radio broadcasts for children. They also have an incredible historical book series, plus movies. While their movies emphasize on doing the right thing and other virtues, many are set during historical times – a double plus! You can find a lot of these on Amazon Prime. […]

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