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After The End

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After The End

Film Description:

‘After The End’ is an upcoming Christian film about loss, redemption and grace.

We are currently trying to raise funds for the film through donations on KickStarter, you can find us here:
On our page is a trailer and short video describing our vision for the film.
For more information, visit us on Facebook


‘After The End’ is about a youth-pastor named Brian who is dealing with the tragic loss of his wife who passed away two years ago. Despite his grief, Brian’s faith in God has remained strong but this is viewed by his non-Christian family and friends as a sign that he never loved his wife in the first place, since they think that her death has not affected him.

In the midst of this, Brian starts to fall for a girl ten years younger than him called Anna, who has just come out of a divorce, and conflict is caused when her friends realize that she is going to Church and is seeing a youth-pastor.

As tensions and prejudices rise, and Brian realizes that Anna’s marriage did not end due to adultery (cf. Matthew 5:31-32!), he starts to question if their new-found relationship is a good idea, and must decide between his convictions and his personal feelings.

And to make matters worse, a young, angry man named Vincent, is stirring up a scandal in regards to something that happened between him, the Church and a mysterious girl named Lily, and Brian finds himself in the center of this mess and has to sort it out.

The film deals primarily with how people deal with grief and loss differently depending on their belief systems and ultimately shows how the Christian concept of spiritual rebirth can be applied to grief.

Other issues such as why does God allow suffering and the place of Christianity in the 21st Century also arise.

Release Date: July 2018!

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