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Again Pioneers

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Again Pioneers

Film Description:

Again Pioneers – Fairview, a self proclaimed “friendly town” is a typical, growing American community. Across the tracks the poor dwell in despicable conditions in a ghetto known as “Patch Town.” The good citizens of Fairview fear the poor, linking them to the imagined threats of crime, disease and even Communism! Prominent lawyer Ken Keeler is assigned to study the conflict between economic classes.

His son befriends a boy from the slums creating tension in his own household. Keeler comes to see that the problem is a national one. He realizes that the American way is for neighbors to help neighbors and that the wealthy must make some sacrifices to aid the less fortunate. But sadly, the realization comes too late to prevent tragedy.

Made only 10 years after The Grapes of Wrath, Again Pioneers reworks much of the same material. After World War II, America was able to once again focus inward on its own problems. With more Americans than ever up-rooting themselves and moving to find a better life, we were once “again pioneers” but loosing our national identity, morals and faith.

Fans of Frank Capra will enjoy this rarely seen “B” classic. Its message as timely now as it was then! Produced by the Protestant Film Commission, the production employed many tried and true talents on both sides of the camera. Director William “One-Shot” Beaudine was one of Hollywood’s most prolific directors. His legendary career stretched from the silent era into television. At the time of his death in 1970 he was the oldest working director in Hollywood.

Again Pioneers - Christian Movie/Film Paul F Heard - Screenshot Colleen Townsend, Peggy Wynn and Sarah Padden
Evelyn Brent and Colleen Townsend Tom Powers and Hart Wayne

Jimmy Hunt and Larry Olsen Jimmy Hunt and Erville Alderson

Film Cast

  • Colleen Townsend – Sallie Keeler
  • Tom Powers – Ken Keeler
  • Sarah Padden – Ma Ashby
  • Regis Toomey – Dave Harley
  • Jimmy Hunt – Nathaniel Ashby
  • Evelyn Brent – Alice Keeler
  • Larry Olsen – Kenny Keeler
  • Larry Carr – Malcolm Keeler
  • John Parlow – Matty Jans
  • Russell Hicks – Pete Galloway
  • Bill Neff – Minister
  • Jerry Mickelsen – Trummy
  • Ralph Brooks – Man in Meeting
  • Marjorie Kane – Church Woman at Patch
  • Philo McCullough – Man in Meeting
  • Erville Alderson – Pa Ashby
  • Peggy Wynne – Arla Ashby
  • Melinda Plowman – Rebecca Ashby
  • Gene Roth – Monty Barnes
  • Judith Allen – Mrs. Barnes
  • Harry Cheshire – Col. Garnett
  • Hart Wayne – Police Chief Bill Marlin
  • Louis Mason – Farmer Reader
  • Gertrude Astor – Mrs. Irma Jans
  • Raymond Bond – Doctor Miles
  • Connie Evans – Mrs. Brown
  • Frances Morris – Mrs. Lyons
  • Gary Pagett – Tom
  • Bess Flowers – Churchgoer
  • Hank Mann – Man in Meeting

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