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Agents of Truth: Rescue Team Alpha

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Agents of Truth: Rescue Team Alpha

Film Description:

Agents of Truth: Rescue Team Alpha – When the influential Senator Luco is kidnapped before delivering a crucial report the arms and weapons committee, the “Agents of Truth” set out on a perilous rescue mission.

Armed with experimental equipment, ingenious disguises, and strong faith, they must succeed in order to preserve national security. Yet, after an enemy bombing hits too close to home, one young agent must dig deep inside himself to face his darkest fears.

As he wonders whether being an Agent of Truth is worth the risk, he discovers that God uses struggles to build character in his people.

(1st Released as: “Mickey Masters: Agent of Truth: Rescue At The Crazy Horse Mine”)

(1st Released as: "Mickey Masters: Agent of Truth: Rescue At The Crazy Horse Mine")

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  1. Marlo Hartz says
    02 January 14, 8:46am

    I prayerfully beckon GOD to bring Bibleman and the shows like T.R.U.T.H., back into circulation for young boys, like my 6 year old son, Seth. We were blessed in 2014 with 8 dvds and vhs movies of Bibleman. Our son has grown in leaps and bounds with confidence in the Lord, with the aid of these videos. We would LOVE to see more children find thsi boldness for HIS Kingdom’s sake.

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