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Film Description:

Aggie – (working title), is based on the true story of Aggie Hurst, the daughter of a Swedish missionary couple in Africa. When Aggie’s mother died days after her birth, it began a series of events that left the little girl without a country and with a lot of questions as to who she really was. This is a film for anyone who has ever looked at their life and asked “why?”

From Africa to a South Dakota Indian Reservation, to Sweden, Aggie takes the audience on an adventure that they will never be able to forget. Aggie tells a story of God’s faithfulness to a small girl who questioned the meaning and worth of her life even throughout adulthood, until a providential turn of events brought her the answers to the questions she spent her life desperately asking. 1Voice Films is proud to produce the remarkable story of the little girl without a country who found answers to life’s most difficult questions.

Currently In Development
Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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  1. Brien says
    19 April 11, 11:06pm

    Nice story..

    le tme know when it gets released

  2. CFDb says
    20 April 11, 3:26am

    Sure, I will post when they have a release date. Stay tuned.

  3. samy94 says
    22 September 11, 6:42am

    how can i find a moive wich is already exist,can u help me?

  4. CFDb says
    22 September 11, 6:50am

    Hi, This film has not been released yet, They are still working on it. I will post any new info as soon as I get it, thanks

  5. Alicia says
    11 September 12, 11:55am

    Is this movie still in the works?

  6. Annelie says
    11 September 12, 12:05pm

    Great question! We just e-mailed the Company to try and find out for you and then we’ll update the page. Just heard back from the CO, it is still in the works but no release date yet.


  7. Bohdar says
    24 February 13, 1:10pm

    Have you some info about this film or book. Haw can I buy it?

  8. Annelie says
    24 February 13, 1:44pm

    You can check here for a book but we don’t have any updated information about the DVD yet.


  9. Krystle says
    25 September 14, 4:42pm

    Would love to see this movie! This is the story of the daughter of the couple who started our church! Would love to see this film ready by our 85th church anniversary next October!

  10. Vicki Beaman-Yuille says
    18 April 17, 10:06pm

    Please let me know the production schedule of “Aggie”. Her mother Svea was one of my grandfather’s(Samuel Hedlund) sisters! I have a letter from her to my mother(Naome Hedlund-Beaman) sharing that they were lost cousins!
    Thank you.

  11. Rosemarie says
    22 April 17, 4:07pm

    Please let me know where you are in the process of completing the video of Aggie. Do you have any idea of when it will be completed. The story is too good to be dropped! RA

  12. Desiree says
    26 April 17, 2:07pm

    *****This Film is still in Pre-Production*****
    Will be updating as new information becomes available


  13. Edith says
    16 May 17, 11:15pm

    Well, the first thing after i read about this story. i search for the movie, but still no update. Hope the movie will release

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