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Ai Means Love

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Film Synopsis:

Miki Hayashi has just arrived in America to help her family’s struggling Samurai video store. Ian Marshall is using his computer skills to put his parent’s business online, and tries to maintain his own values in the face of pressure from friends.

Miki’s father, Daisuke, is a former Samurai movie actor who has never forgotten the code of the Samurai. When vandals threaten the town’s businesses, he joins Greg Marshall and the irrepressible Betty-san in a community patrol, with unexpected results.

In the tradition of Japanese matchmakers, Betty-San introduces the two families, and Ian and Miki embark on a rather unconventional courtship. Navigating the two cultures and discovering the roots of their faith is not easy. As external events threaten to divide them, Ian and Miki must decide whether to live by their convictions or by the pressure from others.

Love, Honor, Family and Faith are at the core of “Ai Means Love.” Suitable for family viewing, this warm and humorous story combines tributes to the classic cinema of Japan with traditional American cultural elements to create an uplifting tale of family, friendship, honor and commitment.

  • Devin McDonald – Ian Marshall
  • Bob Charnley – Greg Marshall
  • Joan Crooks – Julie Marshall
  • Isaac Synder – Kevin Marshall
  • Sayaka Stephens – Miki Hayashi
  • Kazuo Tsubata – Daisuke Hayashi
  • Satomi Pirrone – Natsuki Hayashi
  • Miwa Yokoyama – Teruko Hayahsi
  • Masako Foltz – Betty Jenkins
  • Gary Bernard DiNardo – Brandon
  • Daniel Thorp – Josh
  • Jin Soon Stephens – Lauren
  • Bethany Butler – Gina
  • Antwon Temoney – Leon
  • Lou Ramos – Mayor George McGuire
  • Katherine Ryan, Helen Morgan, Councilmember
  • Hashim Muhammad – Vandal
  • Kentoku Aoyama – Vandal
  • Ilseuk Masuda – Vandal
  • William Martinez – Police Officer
  • Richard Austin Haiderer – Kid
  • Shalyathan Berry – Kid
  • Juanita Salazar – Jacinta Eaglefeather
  • Gregory Davis – Bob Eaglefeather
  • Arthur Herstein – Attorney Frank Nelson
  • Floyd “Kin” Sayre – Judge
  • John Liu – Mr. Suzuki
  • Bob Foltz – Minister
  • David Wilt – Store Owner
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  1. Doc Benson says
    12 February 15, 4:27am

    I enjoyed this movie. It was one of the key factors that led me to hire SunJae Smith to DP my first feature. I highly recommend it !

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