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Almost Home

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Almost Home

Film Description:

Almost Home – Rachel Baines is a mature, responsible 11-year old girl. Her mother Valerie spends her days working as the office manager at an accounting firm and her nightstrying to take care of the home that belongs to her dad, Doyle – who is a recent widower and now a resident at a nearby nursing home.

Each afternoon Rachel makes the short trek home from the school bus stop – always under the watchful eye Miss Edna, her caring, but nosey neighbor. But today Rachel’s afternoon will head in a new direction. Her grandfather Doyle is out for a walk, on a mission it seems, to find his daughter (Rachel’s mother) and Rachel is convinced to join in the adventure. However, Doyle’s memory isn’t what it once was and the soon find themselves lost.

Valarie must enlist the help of friends and neighbors, as well as the local police, to find them. In the end, it is prayer and a strong belief in God’s mercy and protection that lead Valarie, Doyle and Rachel to the answers they’re searching for.

Release Date: (DVD) October 6, 2015

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Film Cast

  • Bella Mancuso … Rachel Baines
  • John Lina … Doyle Goodwin
  • Erica House … Valerie Baines
  • Emily Miller … Edna Crane
  • Paul Thomas … Earl Greeley
  • Jeff Alexander … Officer Carlisle
  • Robert Hatfield … Minister
  • Tom Dunbar … Mr. Perkins
  • Grace Brown … Molly
  • Olivia Rough … Olivia

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