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Alone in the Dark

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Alone in the Dark

Film Description:

Alone in the Dark – Teens, Drinking, and Driving. A perilous mix that can leave you… Alone In The Dark A gripping eye-opener for teenagers! Giving in to peer pressure and against her parents’ wishes seventeen-year-old Tasha Grant goes to a party and gets drunk.

When her boyfriend takes the wheel, Tasha takes the wheel. The alcohol has made her so sleepy she does not hear the train as it gets closer and closer. Tasha is not alone. Through the help of a concerned friend, who puts his job on the line to help her, Tasha comes to see the potentially devastating choices she’s made…choices that will provoke every teenager to think soberly about the use of alcohol.

This suspenseful half-hour drama for youth depicts the lethal dangers of alcohol and shows how our actions have consequences.

This film is not really “Christian”,
But a tool for showing the dangers of alcohol.

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Topic: Drug-Alcohol Abuse

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Film Cast

  • David Oddy … Sean McCallum
  • Kristin McCuen-Wells … Jan Fifield
  • Ben Stranger … Nerd
  • T.C. Warner … Tasha Grant
  • Christopher Stone … Mr. Wahl
  • Alissa Sheldon … Controller
  • Dee Wallace … Linda Grant (as Dee Wallace Stone)
  • Mike Pace … Mike Grant
  • Krystal Page … Sam Grant
  • Jonathan Neil … Josh

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Film Details

Alone in the Dark, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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