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Altar Egos

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Altar Egos

Film Description:

Church will never be the same!

Desperate to see his church grow, Pastor John (Robert Amaya) and wife Betsy (Erin Bethea) do the unthinkable and change their church Christmas pageant. Gasp! Well, choir director, Mary Margaret (Sallie Wanchisn), will not stand for such things and leads the choir to boycott. Out of options, Pastor John resorts to disguising himself as an old man to bridge the generation gap, win over Mary, and lead the choir back to the church. But when he discovers deeper wounds within the church, Pastor John must learn to love the unlovable or risk the ruin of his church and family.

Release Date: (DVD & Digital) September 5, 2017!

Film Cast

  • Erin Bethea … Betsy
  • Victoria Jackson … Barbara
  • Robert Amaya … Pastor John / Milo
  • Scotty Curlee … Bob Stern
  • Max Morgan … Jack / Frank
  • AJ Wray … Nicholas
  • Alex Miller … Dirk
  • Bryson Pitts … Sick Kid
  • Kaylyn Aznavorian … Mall Shopper
  • Lindsley Register … Holly
  • Mary Margaret … Sallie Wanchisn

Film Company Contact Details

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Film Details

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  1. Sue Bean says
    01 June 16, 8:22pm

    Will this film EVER be out for public viewing? I was one of the characters ( Judith) in this film & would like VERY MUCH to purchase copies of Altar Egos.

  2. Desiree says
    27 June 16, 9:04pm

    Hello Sue!
    That’s very exciting that you got that opportunity, I would be very anxious to get my hands on this movie as well! I have looked into this for you and still am not finding a confirmed release date. If you haven’t already, you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter and we will share it there once it has been released.


  3. Jeff Cole says
    06 August 16, 4:13am

    I also loved being in this film, but like Sue Bean, when is it coming out? I was the (Bearded White Haired Deacon). Is the release still TBA and coming out on DVD? I would like to purchase copies of this too as I did other movies done by LU.

  4. Desiree says
    13 August 16, 12:37pm

    Hello Jeff,
    I looked into this again today and indeed, the film is still in the TBA phase. I am sorry I do not have more information for you at this time. I will continue to keep an eye open for details as they become available.


  5. 21 February 17, 7:05am

    BMG has acquired North American distribution rights to ALTAR EGOS and plans to release it on DVD and Digital on 9/5/2017.

  6. Sue Bean says
    08 May 17, 11:19am

    I am looking forward to the release date of Sept 09, 2017 for Altar Egos. This was my first attempt at being in a feature film ( JUDITH) & I did it for the acting experience before the cameras. I enjoyed the film making process. For many years I performed in Christian Comedy Dinner Theater in lead roles . I truly enjoy Christian Comedy acting. Since making Altar Egos I have been in T V commercials.I am often ask about the release date for Altar Egos so THANK YOU for the information.

  7. Randy D says
    23 December 17, 3:29pm

    I am an early Liberty grad, spent 30 years in Lynchburg and 6 in Richmond. The opening church looks familiar – which church is it?

  8. Desiree says
    12 January 18, 5:57pm

    Hi Randy,

    I can’t be 100% certain, but I believe it’s Rivermont Evangelical Presbyterian Church located at 2424 Rivermont Avenue, Lynchburg.


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