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The Amazing Grace

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Rating: 3.5/5 (3 votes cast)

CFDb Review:

Powerful and yet a little confusing when finding out how long it took for him to completely quit being a slave trader.

The Amazing Grace

Film Description:

The Amazing Grace – Based on the true story of the world’s best-love hymn and the slaves that inspired it. John Newton is captain of a slave ship moored off the coast of Nigeria. He stands at a crossroad in his life, his morality and religion at odds with the brutality of his chosen profession. Stepping ashore, he starts on a journey of redemption that will end in tragedy but proves the catalyst for greater achievements.

A local anthem sung in adversity by the slaves he captures punctuates the film. It will be the inspiration for John Newton’s redemption, and, years later, for his writing of the world’s most enduring hymn, Amazing Grace.

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Topic: Slavery

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Film Cast

  • Nick Moran ~~~ John Newton
  • Scott Cleverdon ~~~ Oliver
  • Mbong Amata ~~~ Ansa (as Mbong Odungide)
  • Fred Amata ~~~ Etim
  • James Hicks ~~~ Simmons
  • Joke Silva ~~~ Maria Davies
  • Zack Amata ~~~ Village Priest
  • Itam Efa Williamson ~~~ Orok
  • Ita Bassey ~~~ Chief
  • Chica Chukwu ~~~ Maria Davies’ daughter
  • Hannah Aniekan ~~~ Little Maria
  • Betsy Akan ~~~ Itiav
  • Margret Akpan ~~~ Makamba
  • Grace Bassey ~~~ Emem
  • Utibe Bassey ~~~ Eyo
  • Kufre Dominic ~~~ Offlong
  • Sidi Donald ~~~ Abused Girl
  • Ibok Ekpenyong ~~~ Edem
  • Alison Ephraim ~~~ Etekamba
  • Francis Ephraim ~~~ Town Crier
  • Eme Eyamba ~~~ Eno
  • Nick Goff ~~~ Rupert
  • Atim Ikpeme ~~~ Eka
  • Joy Itam ~~~ Etim’s Wife
  • Amina Joda ~~~ Nkese
  • Imaobong Maurice ~~~ Utah
  • Mohammed Musa ~~~ Boatswain
  • Enyinna Nwigwe ~~~ Etukudo
  • Janet Udoh ~~~ Uduak

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Film Details

The Amazing Grace, 3.5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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  1. CFDb says
    12 November 10, 6:11pm

    Make sure you watch both “Amazing Grace” Films, They are different stories.

  2. Cindy says
    23 March 13, 7:06pm

    Loosely based? It couldn’t get much looser!

    Check out the full review:

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