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Film Description:

Amen – Kurt Gerstein, a brilliant German scientist, is recruited into the SS during the opening years of the Second World War. Assigned as a sanitation engineer, Gerstein is sent to the Eastern Front to supervise water purification for the German Army. Soon after, however, he is asked to help with a “special project” involving fumigation of “vermin infested” areas behind the front lines.

Gerstein develops Zyklon-B, a deadly chemical gas which Gerstein believes will be put to use killing rats, lice, and other disease carrying creatures.However, when Gerstein realizes that his invention will be used to kill not animals but people, he begins an emotional search of his Christian values and ultimately decides to betray the SS by attempting to expose the Holocaust by way of informing the Catholic Church.Two systems: the Nazi machine versus the Vatican and Allied diplomacy.

Two men struggling from the inside. On one side, Kurt Gerstein, a real-life chemist and SS officer, supplied the death camps with zyklon B while he tirelessly denounced the crimes and alerted the Allies, the Pope, the Germans and their churches at his family’s and his own risk. On the other, Ricardo Fontana, a young Jesuit, a fictitious character who represents all the priests who had the heart to struggle against savagery, often paying for their courage with their lives. Countless priests, some known, others anonymous, who simply were not content to live with the silence of their church’s hierarchy.

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Topic: Holocaust/Genocide

Amen - Christian Movie on DVD/Blu-ray with Ulrich Tukur - CFDb

Film Cast

  • Ulrich Tukur ~~~ Kurt Gerstein
  • Mathieu Kassovitz ~~~ Riccardo Fontana
  • Ulrich Mühe ~~~ Doctor
  • Michel Duchaussoy ~~~ Cardinal
  • Ion Caramitru ~~~ Count Fontana
  • Marcel Iures ~~~ Pope
  • Friedrich von Thun ~~~ Gerstein’s Father
  • Antje Schmidt ~~~ Mrs. Gerstein
  • Hanns Zischler ~~~ Grawitz
  • Sebastian Koch ~~~ Höss
  • Erich Hallhuber ~~~ Von Rutta
  • Burkhard Heyl ~~~ Director
  • Angus MacInnes ~~~ Tittman
  • Bernd Fischerauer ~~~ Bishop von Galen
  • Pierre Franckh ~~~ Pastor Wehr

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Film Details

Amen, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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