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The Ancient of Days

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The Ancient of Days

Film Description:

The Ancient of Days began as a worship video. It turned into a testimony. This dream, almost twenty years in the making was buffeted by injuries, damaged equipment – even death. But because it’s the story of what happens in our lives when Jesus shows up, God prevailed, as He is – THE ANCIENT OF DAYS.

This began as a music video.  There was so much spiritual warfare that came against it, they were led to produce a “making of” prequel and put the two together, now on DVD.


Dancers Enter from Ancient of Days

Noelle & Babies

Nancy S. Solo from Ancient of Days

Film Cast

  • Sean Guerrero –  Jesus
  • Nancy Schweihofer – Singer
  • Angela Cuffie – Dancer
  • Gatlin Shadd – Young Son
  • Noelle Steiger – Young Mom
  • Eden Schweihofer – Young Daughter
  • Hannah Schweihofer – Youngest Daughter
  • Termon Hayes – Homeless Man
  • Sharee Khaldi – Young Son’s Girlfriend
  • Christa Cuffie – Vocalist
  • Kaete Ribbron – Vocalist
  • Mikayla Steiger – Vocalist
  • Gabrielle Cuffie – Dancer
  • Sandria Rush – Dancer
  • Phylicia Wright – Dancer
  • Anna Bluford – Dancer
  • Ayanna Williams – Dancer
  • Chris Warmack – Worship Band Keyboard
  • Bob Serruys – Worship Band Guitar
  • Steven Demick – Worship Band Bass Guitar
  • James O’Donnell – Worship Band Trumpet
  • Gary Kwek – Worship Band Tenor Saxophone
  • Rick Steiger – Worship Band Baritone Saxophone
  • Kyle Serruys – Worship Band Drums
  • John Paul Demick – Worship Band Djembe

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Lifetime Film & Video Productions LLC Representative: Regina Benjamin Steiger
Phone: Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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