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Angel in Chains

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Angel in Chains

Film Description:

Film Synopsis:

Rip LeBeau lives hard. The rhythm of an open road and the roar of a Harley Davidson are the heartbeat of his life. Freedom is always to be found somewhere else and the highway’s siren call eases his restlessness. Storming through Arizona’s majestic desert landscape en route to California, Rip and his pack of fellow raod warriors find themselves stranded. The guarded hospitality of a rancher’s wife and her nine-year-old daughter Becky are about to alter LeBeau’s odyssey.

Filled with a colorful cast of characters and based on a true story, Angel in Chains is an entertaining ride that shows the heart of a seasoned biker is no match for the wisdom of a child.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

Film Cast

  • Keith Bennet … Husband
  • Tana Lee Bristow … Penny Porter
  • Chelsea Jo Claxton … Becky Porter
  • David Salmon … Al
  • Zach C. Gray … Ricky
  • Michael Mercurio … Pete
  • Don Pearson … Rip LeBeau
  • Tracy Sibley … Marlin

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Film Details

Angel in Chains, 4.5 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. CFDb says
    19 December 10, 9:12am

    This film is out of print, we will let you know when a re-release is planned. Thanks

  2. Thomas O'Con says
    25 October 16, 1:33pm

    where can I get a copy of some of these movies on DVD

  3. Desiree says
    17 November 16, 12:53pm

    Hello Thomas O’con

    Here is a link to purchasing. Generally, if we know where to find the film we have “Buy” “Rent” “Watch” button links at the top of the listing just below the trailer and film cover area of each film.


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