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Angels Sent on Assignment

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Angels Sent on Assignment


Film Synopsis:

Giving Strength in Times of Trouble:

Accounts of people who have experienced angelic intervention that altered the course of their lives. Personal recollections and dramatic reenactments are used to relate the inspirational stories. In this program, inexplicable forces and mysterious strangers manifest themselves in time to save the lives of loved ones.

Helping Those Who Hurt:

Presents inspirational stories of people whose lives have been changed by the guiding hand of an angel. In this episode, there are accounts of people in distress who were aided by an inexplicable occurrence or mysterious stranger. One such case involves the sudden appearance of a midwife who helped in the troubled birth of a man who later became President of the United States.

Carrying Out Heavenly Plans:

Presents accounts by people who have had an extraordinary experience with angels. The inspirational stories recount mysterious events that altered the course of the lives of those involved. In this episode, the stories involve ordinary humans who appear to be infused with temporary powers to achieve a divine mission, such as the busboy who appeared to Mickey Rooney with an important message from God.

Preventing Family Tragedies:

Relates stories of people who have had experiences that they feel can only be explained by the divine intervention of angels. Using interviews and dramatic reenactments, the video presents the events that changed peoples’ lives. This program contains accounts of mysterious strangers or other forces that stepped in to avert the injury or death of a family member.

Delivering Messages Through Dreams:

Recounts stories of angelic intervention in the lives of both ordinary and famous people. With personal recollections and reenactments, the events are dramatized for the viewer. This volume contains stories of premonitory dreams that had warnings of dangers from shark attacks or fire. Acting on the information saved the lives of the dreamer or someone close to them.

Guiding People From Danger:

Presents accounts of people who have experienced the help of an angel in their lives. The inspirational stories come from both famous and every day people. In this volume, four accounts are set forth in which angelic intervention kept a serious or deadly accident from taking place, or alerted the person to imminent danger.

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