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Animals and Their God-Given Gift for Architecture

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Animals and Their God-Given Gift for Architecture

Film Description:

Animals and Their God-Given Gift for Architecture – Humans build a wide variety of structures to make our lives easier. It takes skill and planning to make them correctly. But architecture does not just belong to people. Many animals are builders too. But do we realize how many animal architects there really are? In this presentation, naturalist Matthew Priebe examines the huge variety of constructions made by animals. Mammals and fish, birds and insects, even reptiles and sea creatures all make artificial structures.

You will be amazed at the gifts God has given to His creations. But even more importantly, the reality of animal builders is a crippling blow to the fantasies of evolutionists. Animal architecture and the knowledge needed to accomplish it both refutes evolution and gives glory to God. You will never look at architecture the same way again.

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Topic: Creation/Science

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