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The Antkeeper: The Easter Collection

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CFDb Review:

This allegory covers from the beginning of creation until the very end with Jesus’ sacrifice for us, all in under 30 minutes.  This one really makes you think!

The Antkeeper: The Easter Collection

Film Description:

The Antkeeper – A parable of the Gospel! The story of the creation, fall, corruption, … inspires a new ant colony in which wings once again are grown.

This classic from Rolf Forsberg, in the style of Fellini and Bergman, tells the story of a gardener who decides to introduce ants to his garden, because they will benefit what grows there. He is disturbed when the ants spend all their time fighting. He sends his son to teach them how to live peacefully. – Written by PastorKirk

Release Date: (DVD) NOW!

Antkeeper (Ant Keeper) - Christian Movie/Film 16mm, Rolf Forsberg Artwork - CFDb

Antkeeper (Ant Keeper) - Christian Movie/Film 16mm, Rolf Forsberg Artwork - 2

Antkeeper (Ant Keeper) - Christian Movie/Film 16mm, Rolf Forsberg Artwork -  3

Antkeeper (Ant Keeper) - Christian Movie/Film 16mm, Rolf Forsberg Artwork -  4

Film Cast

  • Fred Gwynne … Narrator
  • Madhur Jaffrey … Bruja

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Company: Gospel Films Archive Representative: Bob Campbell
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  1. Pamela Magee says
    27 February 12, 8:54am

    I have been looking for the film The Ant Keeper. Is this available in DVD or VHS. It is a wonderful movie. My husband was thea Priest in Bridgewater when we showed this film many times. Can you help me?

    Pamela Magee

  2. Annelie says
    28 February 12, 2:00pm

    We are so sorry but we’ve been unable to find out where they would be selling this anywhere or even showing it on TV again.
    I really wish we could help. TV would be the only place you might find it but even then, it’s such an older film, not sure
    they would play it again.


  3. Bert says
    07 March 13, 9:04pm

    Pamela and others,

    We were on a mission to find this short film also. I was finally successful and the DVD can be purchased by contacting Scott Brown at PHOTOSUPERMAN1@YAHOO.COM. He digitally transferred it from 16MM to DVD and did a first rate job.

    He has many other movies by Rolf Forsberg also.

    He is very quick to respond and very helpful.

    Hope this helps all of you.


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