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Apocalypse II: Revelation

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CFDb Review:

My favorite in the series. Another REALLY powerful ending but this one has some great humor too. Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Apocalypse II: Revelation

Film Description:

Apocalypse II: Revelation …the Book has been opened

In this electrifying sequel to the smash hit Apocalypse, the antichrist has come to power and a new global regime is in place. Government officials are distributing virtual reality headsets to everyone on Earth to be worn on a special “Day of Wonders.”

Can Thorold Stone warn the Christian underground before this sinister technology destroys all remaining believers? Excellent production and continuation of the first film. Shows the rise and power of the Anti-Christ as Christians try to survive during his rule.

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Apocalypse II: Revelation
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Apocalypse IV: Judgment
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Topic: End Time Events

Film Cast

  • Jeff Fahey ~~~ Thorold Stone
  • Tony Nappo ~~~ Willie Spino
  • Carol Alt ~~~ Cindy Bolton
  • Leigh Lewis ~~~ Helen Hannah
  • Nick Mancuso ~~~ Franco Macalousso
  • David Roddis ~~~ Len Parker
  • Marium Carvell ~~~ Selma Davis
  • Rick Demas ~~~ David Nidd
  • Patrick Gallagher ~~~ Jake Goss
  • Rothaford Gray ~~~ Ron Spalding
  • Bruce McFee ~~~ Agent Spencer
  • Corry Carpf ~~~ Wendy Stone
  • Chloe Randle-Reis ~~~ Maggie Stone
  • Melville White ~~~ Victor Davis
  • Neville Edwards ~~~ Agent Walker

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Cloud Ten Pictures Representative:
Phone: 1 888-684-5561 Fax: 905 684 7946
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

Apocalypse II: Revelation, 4.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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