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Apocalypse V: The Chosen

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Apocalypse V: The Chosen

Film Description:

Apocalypse V: The Chosen – Fans have long been awaiting the fifth film in the Cloud Ten Pictures Apocalypse series, and with the script now completed, they hopefully won’t be waiting much longer.

Greg Mitchell, an experienced screenwriter and prose writer, approached Cloud Ten after being inspired to write a sequel after re-watching the Apocalypse series back in 2008. Cloud Ten asked Mitchell to pitch a sequel, and they loved the concept he came up with. Mitchell was hired on to write the full script, and not only that, but he also conceived a graphic novel to accompany the Apocalypse series.

“The comic was conceived as a bridge between Judgment and the new movie and is sort of a ‘testing of the waters’,” said Mitchell. “I’m wanting to get people excited about Apocalypse again and buy us some time to get the movie produced.”

Cloud Ten couldn’t be more excited about working with Mitchell on the next Apocalypse script for THE CHOSEN. President of Film and Television Production at Cloud Ten Pictures, André van Heerden, had the chance to meet Mitchell in person at the Gideon Film Festival in 2009.

“We hit it off immediately. He’s got a great dark sense of humor and is a true fan-boy of comics, 80’s culture and old horror films… not to mention our Apocalypse films! He knew them all inside and out,” said van Heerden. “Greg has a great ability to be creative within a created world and not break any of its rules. That’s a rare talent and I think it comes naturally for Greg because he genuinely likes the material so much.”

Van Heerden says that creating an accompanying graphic novel to the Apocalypse series seemed like a logical step.

“When Greg suggested a graphic novel I was shocked that we hadn’t already thought of it. It just seemed like that natural of an idea,” he said.

Since such a significant amount of time has passed since the fourth film in the series (Judgment was released in 2001), Mitchell felt that the graphic novel would provide a great refresher for people who may not have been exposed to the series before, and will also contain some exciting new content for longtime fans. “It’s a tricky balance, but I wanted to sort of re-introduce people to the world through the comic. Give them a sort of streamlined refresher course. That’s not to say there’s nothing new for longtime fans. The comic picks up seconds after Judgment ends,” explained Mitchell.

“We follow Helen’s escape from O.N.E., and we also follow Dawn Blushak, the hacker from Judgment. Dawn’s sort of our ‘everyman’ — or ‘everywoman’, in this case. She’s not as entrenched as Helen and the others in the fight against Macalousso (the Anti-Christ), so we’re looking at the world through her eyes in the comic, taking this journey that will, hopefully, serve as a guide for new people into the world of Apocalypse. Plus, there’re no budgetary restrictions in a comic, so expect action unlike anything you’ve ever seen in an Apocalypse film!”

Mitchell says fans will not be disappointed with the next Apocalypse film, THE CHOSEN – he’s bringing back many fan favorites, like the often asked-about Willie Spino.

“Yes, the plan is to bring back Willie Spino. In a big, big way. I love Willie and what he brings to the scenes he’s in and I think he’s got an incredible character arc that hasn’t even been touched yet in the movies. As the script stands right now, he’s got some major involvement,” said Mitchell. “The thing that I love the most about Apocalypse is that there are so many great characters like Selma that exist largely in the background. This movie is really about taking those background characters and some fan favorites and letting them take center stage.”

So what inspired the story for Mitchell’s script, and what can fans expect to see in the fifth Apocalypse film?

“I think I actually pitched the Apocalypse script as my take on the John Carpenter classic ‘Assault on Precinct 13’ — which I guess is a riff on ‘Zulu’. I love that type of story, where the heroes are holed up in a small location and their back is to the wall and the enemies are just hammering them hard, trying to tear them down,” said Mitchell.

“The script picks up a couple years after Judgment. Helen’s a different person. She’s lost a lot of friends to her cause and she’s a bit gun shy — putting it mildly. She’s withdrawn and is kind of in a place where she just wants to hide and wait for the Great Tribulation to work itself out. She doesn’t want to get involved anymore — which her friend Selma Davis is not happy about, and that creates some conflict between them. Soon, a group of militant revolutionaries against One Nation Earth bring the war to her doorstep and Helen is forced to choose between her safety in anonymity and making a stand for what she knows to be true.”

For those that may be new to the Apocalypse series, Mitchell highly recommends watching the first four films to prepare. Part five will be most enjoyed by those who know where these characters are coming from. So while Cloud Ten will be keeping new viewers in mind, the sequel will also be a culmination of what’s come before.

“My hope is that it’ll be a reward for the people who have stuck with this series for 10+ years and I think it’ll be enjoyed best if you’ve seen the others and can dovetail into the new film,” explained Mitchell. “We also hope that the fans of the films will check out the comic whenever it hits shelves. I don’t know how much crossover there is in the fanbase, but the comic is chockfull of character moments and call-backs to characters and elements that we won’t be bringing into the fifth film. It’s a perfect companion piece to Apocalypse V and you’ll really be missing out on some new developments if you don’t read it.”

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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  1. Carmen says
    28 December 10, 1:29pm

    I can’t wait to see Jesus Christ battle satan back to hell!

  2. robert p says
    27 June 11, 1:53am

    I have wondered and have about given up on the apocalypse 5. I Just thought I would check (along time the last time I checked). I do hope the regulars will return if it is produced and veiwed by the public. I would appreciate a response if it is truly going to be shown.

  3. CFDb says
    27 June 11, 6:49am

    Hi Robert,

    Yea, I think we all feel the same way, never thought no. 5 would be made, it’s been to long. But yes, they are now saying they will be doing it. As you have read, Greg is writing the script for it. But as we all know, never get your hopes to high untill they start filming it, lol.

  4. Sean says
    27 August 11, 6:34pm

    This is incredible. I loved the series through and through and to hear not only Leigh Lewis is going to show God’s love and her humanity again in a world where there’s no where left to hide and faith is tipped at the highest peak. It’s most exciting to me for a chance at some greater action in the series as well as maybe more intervention by our king like in the others. Faith is hard when survival is greatly in question. Any news on filming production and casting other than Helen ASAP would be greatly appreciated!

  5. Shyheim McDowell says
    24 February 17, 9:56pm

    Is there any updates on apocalypse 5 the chosen

  6. 03 March 17, 12:51pm

    Hi Shyheim,

    Sorry, there doesn’t seem to be anything available for this film right now.


  7. Marcia says
    11 July 17, 12:49pm

    Just binge watched other 4 movies. Please film more of these series. It’s been 16 years !!!!! Thanks !

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