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Approaching Midnight

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CFDb Review:

Enjoyed this film even though it wasn’t a Christian film.  Even with the couple of Bible verses in it, the need for God was missing and I wished the main character could have found his peace by a relationship with Jesus.

Approaching Midnight


Film Description:

Approaching Midnight is a gripping faith based action-drama that follows young Army staff sergeant Wesley Kent who returns to his small town America home from war in Afghanistan. Kent must cope with burying the body of his best friend under his command Corporal AJ Culpepper (Brandon T. Jackson – Tropic Thunder) and enduring the news of the death of his girlfriend Aspen Malverne (Jana Kramer – TV’s One Tree Hill) who passed away in a car accident while he was abroad. After seeking more information about her accident from local authorities, Kent believes that her death wasn’t just an unexpected event while Aspen’s father Mayor Malverne is running for higher political office as Governor of the state.


(This is marketed to Christians, but not really a Christian Film)

Approaching Midnight - Christian Movie Film on DVD - CFDb 1

Approaching Midnight - Christian Movie Film on DVD - CFDb 2


Still of Sam Logan Khaleghi in Approaching Midnight

Still of Jana Kramer in Approaching Midnight

  • Jana Kramer … Aspen
  • Sam Logan Khaleghi … Staff Sergeant Wesley Kent
  • Mia Serafino … Whisper
  • Jeff Stetson … Mayor Steven Malverne
  • Michelle Lynne Balser … Natalie Church
  • Matthew Szymanski … Captain Shane Church
  • Dean Teaster … Sheriff Thompson
  • Janet Pound … Danielle Malverne
  • Carollette Phillips … Crystal Culpepper
  • William Cobbs … Pastor Reginald Culpepper/AJ’s Father
  • Davis Aguila … U.S. Marine Corporal
  • Ali Amine … US Army Ranger
  • Marc Bowers … SWAT Team Member
  • Keith Cameron … Munitions Customer
  • Chris Coldren … U.S. Marine Gunny Cole
  • Dennis Doyle Jr. … Senator Lemieux
  • Tanya Feifel … Reporter
  • Ann Johnstone … Moira Kent
  • Rick Ford … Waiter
  • William C. Fox … District Attorney
  • Julian Gant … Cody
  • Joel Gardner … SF Humvee Driver
  • Pam German … Mayoral Party Attendee
  • Derrick Gilliam … Malverne’s Bodyguard
  • Rebecca Gondek … Aspen’s Friend #1
  • Lisa Hamlin … Army Hospital Nurse
  • Detric Hicks … Sergeant Staley
  • Jessica René Hilzey … Jordan Kent
  • Earl Hunt … Shawn
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Approaching Midnight, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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