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Ashes of Eden

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Rating: 3.0/5 (2 votes cast)

CFDb Interview:

Check out the CFDb Interviews with Shane Hagedorn & Steven Sutherland & Michael Joiner & Carlucci Weyant & Melissa Anschutz. Although we have some great interviews here, we did put a strong parental warning on the film due to foul language.  We are linking to a revised version that they’ve made but haven’t reviewed that one yet.

Ashes of Eden

Film Description:

Ashes of Eden – 18-year-old Red made some bad choices. He’s done his time, but he’s still paying the consequences. He’s finding that having a bad reputation and being in the wrong place at the wrong time are an unfortunate combination – even when you’re trying to do the right thing.

Secretly selling stolen drugs in order to help his police officer mother pay the mortgage starts a bloodbath between rival dealers. Lives are lost, relationships destroyed, faith is questioned. And, Red is in the center of the spotlight. Can this gritty cautionary tale end with redemption? Perhaps. But, it comes with a price.

(Strong Parental Warning for the original version)
There is an edited edition which we are linking to.

Sneak Preview

Ashes of Eden - Christian Movie, Christian Film, DVD, DJ Perry

Ashes of Eden - Christian Movie, Christian Film, DJ Perry

Film Cast

  • Carlucci Weyant … Carlos
  • Mayra Leal … Angela
  • Michael Joiner … Tony Hanson
  • Tim Holmes … Axel
  • Abigail Mason … Jesse
  • Lauren Mae Shafer … Sammi
  • DJ Perry … Donnie
  • Melissa Anschutz … Dana
  • Drew Wise … Jake
  • Shane Hagedorn … Shawn Nichols
  • Steven Sutherland … Red
  • Dean Teaster … Pastor Roberts
  • Bello Pizzimenti … Vargas
  • Breanna Wise … Chantel
  • Mark Boyd … Dr. Strauss
  • Anthony Hornus … Henry
  • Josh Carrizales … Ponch
  • Dallas Hart … Teddy
  • Roland Matthews … 4Play
  • John DeMarco … Ziggy
  • Rochelle Pernak … Kendra
  • Jerome Vierling … Himself – Performer
  • Sheila Hart … Lisa
  • Abby Murphy … Debra
  • David Papenfuss … Clint
  • Alastar Dimitrie … Chad
  • Chelsea Pummill … Sarah
  • Daniel Pappas … Mr. Cross
  • Mary Grace Casanova … Aunt Concha
  • Nesti Gee … Chevy
  • Denise Emilia Sandulescu … Amanda
  • Burt Johnson … Devin

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Film Details


Ashes of Eden, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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