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Audience of One (Joy Womack Story )

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Audience of One (Joy Womack Story )

Film Description:

Audience of One (Joy Womack Story ) – The true story of the first American to be accepted and graduate from the Bolshoi Academy.

Based on the real life journey of Joy Womack, JOY is the story of a young ballerina from Texas who realizes the only way to achieve her dream of becoming the best is to make a leap of faith and move to Moscow where she becomes the first American to train at the famed Bolshoi Ballet Academy.

At the age of fifteen and with nothing but the support of her family and her own determination, Joy makes the courageous move to Russia by herself and learns to navigate the intense politics, difficult language and unique way of life that come with her new home.

As her belief in herself is continually tested, Joy’s faith and her passion for dance propel her to center stage and allow her to find the hidden beauty of a mysterious new country and an inner strength she never knew she had.

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