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Augustine: The Decline of the Roman Empire (Augustinus)

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Film Synopsis:

In 430 AD, in the besieged city of Hippo, the seventy year-old bishop Augustine tells Jovinus, a captain of the Roman guards, the story of how his Christian mother, Monica, saved him. Born in the North African city of Thagaste, Augustine studied in Carthage, becoming an accomplished but dissolute orator. After converting to Manichaeism, a guiltfree religion, he was called to the imperial court in Milan to serve as an opponent to the Christian bishop Ambrose. But when the Empress Justina ends imperial guards to clear out a basilica where Augustine’s own mother is worshipping, he is won over to Christianity.

Back in Hippo, Augustine urges the Roman garrison to negotiate with the Vandal King Genseric, but they proudly refuse. At that point, he too, passing up a chance to escape on a ship sent to rescue him by the Pope, stays by the side of his people.

The DVD Listed is Not a U.S. Edition!

  • Alessandro Preziosi ~~~ Augustinus (age 25)
  • Monica Guerritore ~~~ Monica
  • Gerald Alexander Held ~~~ Valerius (age 75)
  • Johannes Brandrup ~~~ Valerius (age 25)
  • Wenanty Nosul ~~~ Possidius
  • Katy Louise Saunders ~~~ Lucilla
  • Serena Rossi ~~~ Khalida
  • Sebastian Ströbel ~~~ Centurio Fabius Domicius
  • Dietrich Hollinderbäumer ~~~ Macrobius
  • Aglaia Szyszkowitz ~~~ Paola
  • Götz Otto ~~~ Geiserich
  • Franco Nero ~~~ Augustinus (age 76)
  • Vincenzo Alfieri ~~~ Fulvius
  • Sonia Aquino ~~~ Blesilla
  • Dominic Atherton ~~~ Valentianus II
  • Alessandro Borghi ~~~ Camillus
  • Francesca Cavallin ~~~ Iustina
  • Valerio Colangelo ~~~ Roman Officer
  • Cosimo Fusco ~~~ Patricius
  • Diego Laurenti Sellers ~~~ Ennius
  • Lech Mackiewicz ~~~ Ammonius
  • Adrian Moore ~~~ Fabius (age 08)
  • Jannis Niewöhner ~~~ Valerius (age 16)
  • Krzysztof Pieczynski ~~~ Ilarius
  • Matteo Urzia ~~~ Augustinus (age 15)
  • Jerzy Zelnik ~~~ Sidonius
  • Cesare Bocci ~~~ Romanianus
  • Andrea Giordana ~~~ Ambrosius
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