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Auto-B-Good: The Series

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Film Synopsis:

Welcome to the city of Auto, where cars and trucks come to life through captivating animation.

In every child’s imagination, the inanimate come to life. What if it was possible for those creations to become a reality and teach important life lessons? There is such a place in the little City of Auto, just off of County Road “B” in the State of Good.


  1. Auto B Good: Blazing The Trail
  2. Auto B Good: Driving It Home
  3. Auto B Good: Fruitful Pursuits
  4. Auto B Good: Mission Possible
  5. Auto B Good: Life In The Fast Lane
  6. Auto B Good: Out of the Wilderness
  7. Auto B Good: Playing It Fair
  8. Auto B Good: Shifting To High Gear
  9. Auto B Good: Taking The High Road Turbo
  10. Auto B Good: Fuel For The Finish – The Classics Vol. 1
  11. Auto B Good: Hometown Heroes – The Classics Vol. 2
  12. Auto B Good: In The Land of Odds – The Classics Vol. 3
  13. Auto B Good: Pirates 0f The Parkway – The Classics Vol. 4
  14. Auto B Good: Where The Rubber Meets The Road
  15. Auto B Good: On The Road Again
  16. Auto B Good: Hitting The Road
  17. Auto B Good: Towing the Line
  18. Auto B Good: Rules of the Road
  19. Auto B Good: Fruits of the Spirit
  20. Auto B Good: Faith Builders
  21. Auto B Good: Traits of Faith
  22. Auto B Good: Faith Training
  23. Auto B Good: Wisdom from the Highway
  24. Auto B Good: Faith in Action

Special Edition Collection

Around 40min. Each!

Video on Demand

  • Teri Parker Brown ~~~ Maria
  • Sabrina Crews ~~~ Izzi (voice)
  • Jim Cunningham ~~~ Derek
  • John Farrell ~~~ Franklin
  • Heidi Fellner ~~~ Cali (voice)
  • Len Goodman ~~~ Professor (voice)
  • Charles Hubbell ~~~ Johnny (voice)
  • Kim Kivens ~~~ EJ (voice)
  • Teri Parker-Brown ~~~ Maria (voice)
  • Dave Simmons ~~~ Miles (voice)


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