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Baby Blues

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Film Synopsis:

“Based on a true story, Baby Blues follows the lives of Brian and Julie, a young Christian couple, as they experience the joy of giving birth to their first child. As they face the challenges that lie ahead, they come to realize what to do when hope and grace is all that’s left.”

What happens when a first-time mother is gripped with an acute psychotic form of post-natal depression that threatens the safety of her entire family? Based on a true story, Baby Blues is a powerful and compelling feature film that explores the harrowing extreme of post-natal disorders, which affects 1 in 500 women.

Julie, a young mother, descends into the depths of mental illness after the birth of her first child. Her increasingly frightening behaviour forces her husband, Brian, to place her in a psychiatric hospital. Brian and Julie’s faith – in their marriage, in each other and in God – is tested to near destruction as Julie’s world disintegrates into darkness and psychological torment.

After several weeks in hospital, she forms a bond with a fellow male patient. In despair, Brian turns to a work colleague, Sarah, for moral support. But Sarah has different plans in mind … and Brian has to fight his growing attraction to her. Hospitalisation and therapy help Julie reclaim her hold on sanity. But one night, believing she is cured and fearing further ECT treatment, she runs away from the hospital. Pursued by a sinister tramp, she stumbles across the wind-blown moors and eventually collapses. Unconscious, she is at the mercy of the elements, her illness and the unsavoury man who is following her. Will Brian, who has marshaled the authorities, find her in time? Will his prayers lead him to a reunion with his troubled wife? Is hope all he has left?

Featuring the songs “Wild Child” and “Pilgrim” by Enya

(This is Not a U.S. Region 1 DVD!) (Region Code: 2)

  • Nicky Talacko … Julie
  • Stuart Packer … Brian
  • David Bowles … Rev. Bill Harrison
  • Nichola Dixon … Sarah
  • Caroline Frewin … Beth
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  1. Wojtek says
    12 September 12, 8:03pm

    Good movie. At least i know it happend to somebody else too.

  2. Annelie says
    13 September 12, 11:17am

    I believe that no matter what someone goes through, they are never alone. I read somewhere this week about someone that once said if all the problems in the world were divided up equally amongst us all, that we would all say, no thanks, I’ll just keep my own. I wish I had written down that quote and who said it. I know it does bring us comfort to know we are not alone in our sufferings and trials.


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