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Bad Girl (Bad Apple)

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Bad Girl

Film Description:

Pastor Robinson and his family are just settling into their new house and new church home. Pastor Robinson is a stern man with a high school sports and military background. His wife Melinda grew up in hard times during her childhood, but as an adult wants to enjoy the finer things in life.

Their daughter Quinn is attending Christian School and is the most popular girl there. She’s happy to move into a bigger home to get some privacy but not so happy about moving out of the apartment building where her boyfriend Roman Kraft lived. They have been seeing more and more of each other and Roman is ready to take it to the “next” step. Even though Quinn is a mischievous little girl, she was still in fact a girl and not willing to take the big step into womanhood. Pastor Robinson notices the two getting closer and decides it would be a great idea for Quinn to attend summer camp this year to let the two young lovebirds cool off for a few months.

While Quinn is having a rough time in school her parents are equally challenged with their marriage becoming stale while under the churches scrutiny. Pastor and Melinda must keep their marriage from failing all while keeping their daughter’s virtue in tact. While they all attend summer camp Quinn plots to get to the biggest high school house party of the year to meet her boyfriend and Pastor Robinson fights to keep the two kids from moving too fast.

Bad Apple is a cat and mouse story of young love, love on the rocks and the love of community standing together for the betterment of one another.

Release Date: (DVD) November 19, 2014

Formerly titled ‘Bad Apple’

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Topic: Comedy

Film Cast

  • Darrin Dewitt Henson … Pastor Charles Robinson
  • Rhoda Griffis … Mrs. Fraire
  • Chrystee Pharris … Melinda Robinson
  • Gregory Alan Williams … Deacon Steve Bacon
  • Mariana Tolbert … Danielle
  • Zoe Myers … Cassie Donahue
  • Chase Wainscott … Stan
  • Rachelle Neal … Kaye Riley
  • Deena Beasley … Sister Barbara Battle
  • Grayson Thorne Kilpatrick … Kevin
  • Ajiona Alexus … Ruth Quinn Robinson
  • Alpha Trivette … Principal Decker
  • Betsy Sligh … Nikki
  • Teddy Gathmann … Alex
  • Seth Dousman … Roman Kraft
  • Julianne Fincher … Blonde camper
  • Lai-Ling Bernstein … Tonya Madison
  • Debi Kimsey … Church Member one
  • Leslie Drake … Althea Robinson
  • Brent Brooks … Praise Dancer Phil
  • Carina Worm … Maggie Cringle
  • Patricia McRae … Church Member Two
  • Jessica Nicole Brown … Camper at Talent Show
  • Carson Nicole … Female Student One
  • Brendon Hudson … Jessie
  • Emma Dison Brantley … Brandy

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Green Apple Entertainment Inc. Representative: Tim Warren
Phone: (561) 218-4703 Fax:
Email: Contact Address: 5111 Sabal Gardens Lane, Suite 1, Boca Raton, FL 33487

Film Details

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  1. John says
    14 November 14, 1:44pm

    I am interested in this movie to air it at our church.

  2. Annelie says
    16 November 14, 8:43am

    Try contacting Iflix directly – Customer Service #: 678-680-flix
    Email us at: – you can purchase the DVD here though – – it should soon be on Christian Cinema too.


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