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Bad Neighborhood

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Film Synopsis:

The Granthams are a typical Christian family. Both Doug and Barb have good jobs. The couple has two well-behaved middle-school children, being brought up in a nice Christian environment. The family attends church together and regularly in their comfortable and safe neighborhood in Mound City, Florida.

Doug and Barb are members of their church choir and are happily looking forward to performing a Christmas concert for an inner city church in neighboring Ocean City.

Doug, who Barb refers to as her Boy Scout, has everything planned for a safe, family night out, including a special dinner with their children at their favorite Mexican restaurant after the concert. But, despite all of his planning for the evening, events transpire that will test the faith of the entire family.

Despite all of the planning to the contrary, Barb finds herself stranded in a Bad Neighborhood and under attack. Doug is not around to protect her. She has no one to call on but God. She cries out for help from Him. She has only her prayers to guard her. During the attack, she fears for her life. In a moment of desperation, she believes that God abandoned her. But, has He?

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Bad neighborhood screen shot

Bad Neighborhood

  • Anita Cordell – Barb Grantham
  • Michael Rosignol – Doug Grantham
  • Tiffany Dion – Nancy Grantham
  • Garett Ward – Jeff Grantham
  • Jeff Wise – Tom Dailey
  • De Miller – Tom Troutman
  • Karla Bauer – Julie Meyers
  • Susan O’Gara – The Motorist
  • Vada Carroll – The Man
Company: Lazarus Filmworks
Contact Person: De Miller
Phone: 352-735-1359
Email: Email Contact
Bad Neighborhood, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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