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The Basement

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CFDb Review:

This one will make you think about your relationship with Jesus.  Does He really know you?  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

The Basement

Film Description:

The Basement – The world is in turmoil after the mysterious disappearances of people all over the world. Nine individuals who find refuge in the basement of a church deal with issues of race, religion, and buried secrets.

Everyone has choices in this world. Choices are seeds that determine our destiny. – Imagine… Nine individuals: A Detective; a news reporter and her cameraman; two teenagers; a church secretary; a repressed businessman; a youth Pastor; and a Pastor’s wife: Going about their lives when suddenly over a third of the earth’s population disappears. Friends and loved-ones…gone. Then, through a series of “random” events, the nine find themselves taking refuge in the basement of a church. And as the world grows more violent and chaotic above, they try to make sense of what has happened. Will they find a way out through faith or remain trapped in fear?

Release Date: (DVD) December 21, 2014

Parental Warning

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Topic: End Time Events

The Basement 1

The Basement

The Basement - Christian Movie/Film Michael Joiner 2

Film Cast

  • Michael Joiner … Detective Sean Patrick O’Connor
  • Chris Lythgoe … Pastor Samuel Aames
  • Angie Scuderi … Sarah Bloom
  • Patrick Vann … Julian Harris
  • Tony Merritt … Tom Mitchell
  • Debra Ovall … Mara James
  • Rhonda Oliver … Wanda Breedlove
  • Christian Holmes … Ezra (EJ) Reynolds, JR
  • Tony Claiborne … Ray Ellis
  • Vic Suderi … Pastor Richard Bloom
  • Denisse Zapata … Sidney O’Connor
  • Toni Jones … Donna Mitchell
  • Burt Laposka … Cameron Wallace
  • Trish Lassinger … Louise Wallace
  • Denise Villahermosa … Det. Nelly Sanchez
  • Nicolas Wallace … Jacob Mitchell
  • Sidney Whittenberg … Lizzie Mitchell
  • James Hunt … Ezra Reynolds
  • Jeff Ovall … TV Announcer
  • Melvin Whittenberg … Sgt Morgan
  • Aryanna Jackson … Joy Stevens
  • Sylvester Jackson … Det. Morris
  • Alexis Vann … Kim Hutchins
  • Kevin Wright … Kevin-Store Clerk

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Film Details

The Basement, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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