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Basketball 3:16‏

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Film Synopsis:

Sometimes there comes a point in your life where you need to grow up, but only you know when that time comes. That time always comes in one shot and sometimes it’s your last shot.

The Lord can be found in many places; A Church, A Book or even a Basketball Court. Growing up is not about an age, it turns out it’s about a mind set. When you’re a child, you speak as a child, think as a child and reason as a child… when you become a man you put away childish things.

The question of the day is… “How many shots does a man need to get it right, or does he ever get it right?”

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

  • Jo’nez Cain … Constance Thomas
  • Big Spence … Kevin ‘K Money’ Waren
  • Pharoah Charles Powell … Calvin Nichols
  • Sherisse Matlock … Rakiah Nichols
  • Karen Cox … Mary Nichols
  • Carmelia Hamilton … Karina Nichols
  • Brian Hooks … Derrion Nichols
  • Anndria Johnson … Dri Williams
  • Lakia Bailey … Kiana Smith
  • Ronique Marshall … Jamesha Waren
  • Robert Rosenthal … Cliff Johnson
  • Denisha Anderson … Annette Jones
  • Durrel Jackson … Roger Givens
  • Damon A. Hart … Harold Dawson
  • Lonnie Williams … Da Trendsettaz
  • Rob X Howard … Deacon Foothill
  • YungSticky DaPrince … Da Trendsettaz
  • Sierra Mora … Jane Patterson
  • Tim Smith … Hood Jones
  • Derrick Jones … Dante Rogers
  • Drea Medina … Bubbles Nichols
  • Que Howard … Valerie Thompson
  • James Earl-Rockefeller III … Rev. Morgan
  • Lashay Hudson … Dr. Tramble
  • La Shaunta Jocarra … Regina Jones
  • Michael Chambers … Deacon Chambers
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  1. Maxwell says
    08 April 12, 11:59pm

    I just went to the premier of the Basketball 3:16 movie, at the Oakland Museum International Film Festival. It was fantastic. What a great story. The writer not only told of the how you can find yourself stuck in a life you want to change, but the long path to get there and the road is not always straight. Pharaoh Powell told a full story of hanging with the fellas, not family and having no funds but how you can get to where you want to be with the help of new friends and a new plan. There were a few standouts in addition to Powell. A thug I don’t want to run into in a dark alley, played by Benjamin Colbert, who wanted to keep Powell on the street as well as Powell’s daughter in the movie.

    The movie was a triumph. I want to see more from Powell.

  2. betty says
    02 August 12, 9:34pm

    is basketball 316 coming to lumberton nc

  3. Annelie says
    05 August 12, 4:44pm

    This should be coming out directly to DVD so you’ll be able to purchase it outright when it does come out.


  4. Debi says
    26 November 12, 6:54pm

    Would love to get this movie for my son that plays basketball in college. He is really being challenged. Sounds like just the type of movie he would enjoy and be encouraged by. When will this be coming out? Can I find it somewhere before Christmas?
    Thanks and Merry Christmas,
    Debi from Missouri

  5. Annelie says
    27 November 12, 9:01am

    I’m sorry, no release date yet but I don’t think it will be out before Christmas.


  6. Lovetta says
    07 December 14, 9:08pm

    This was my little girls first movie appearance. I would like a copy of this DVD for her portfolio. Please contact me when it’s available.

    Lovetta B.

  7. Annelie says
    08 December 14, 10:09am

    Here is the link to contact the company that made the film – – hopefully we can find out a release date soon.


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