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I Beheld His Glory: The Cathedral Films Collection

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I Beheld His Glory: The Cathedral Films Collection

Film Description:

Set in the days immediately following the crucifixion, Cornelius, a Roman centurion, pieces together the story of Jesus and is witness to the crucifixion and its consequences. The story is told in flashback by Cornelius, played by veteran actor George Macready. This hardened soldier tells the story of Christ’s last days on earth from his unique perspective and we see how his life was forever changed when he beheld the glory of the risen Christ.

This classic 1952 production, in the vein of the traditional Bible films of the era, portrays the timeless story of the Gospel with uncomplicated sincerity. It was filmed in color for TV broadcast during Easter week 1953 and represents the standard in biblical motion pictures of the time. It is faithful to the scriptural accounts yet brings a new insight to the familiar story. You will be captivated and inspired by this enduring film.

Release Date: (DVD) August 4, 2014

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I Beheld His Glory: The Cathedral Films Collection - Christian Movie - CFDb

Film Cast

  • Robert Wilson … Jesus Christ
  • George Macready … Cornelius
  • Lowell Gilmore … Pontius Pilate
  • James Flavin … Longinus
  • Grandon Rhodes … Eltheas
  • Tom Charlesworth … Thomas
  • Morris Ankrum … Peter
  • Virginia Wave … Mary of Magdala
  • I. Stanford Jolley … Dismas
  • Charles Wagenheim … Eltheas Friend
  • James Griffith … Caiaphas
  • Richard Reeves … Gestas

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Gospel Films Archive Representative: Bob Campbell
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Film Details

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