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Bells of Innocence

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Film Synopsis:

Faith was their only weapon at the gateway to hell. Three life-long friends, Jux (Mike Norris), Conrad (David White), and Oren (Carey Scott) journey to Mexico on a mission of mercy. Their plane mysteriously loses power and crashes in the middle of the Texas desert.

Stranded, they walk for hours, until they are drawn to the sound of a hollow church bell ringing in the town of Ceres, a town that time forgot. Immediately, the trio realizes that Ceres is like no other place on Earth. Its bizarre townspeople wander aimlessly in a mental haze, shying away from any attempts at contact. All communication to the outside world is absent, except for a crude short-wave radio belonging to Matthew (Chuck Norris), a mysterious rancher who lives on the outskirts of town.

Under the control of Joshua (Marshall Teague), an immortal being, the townspeople plot to fulfill an ancient prophecy of sacrifice and destruction. It becomes clear the journey of psychological terror to Ceres was no accident. Jux, Conrad, and Oren are the chosen-ones, willed to Ceres by a demonic force that has controlled the town and its children for centuries.

Armed only with their faith, they must become pawns in a chess game played between Heaven and Hell facing evil itself in order to save the innocent.

(Parental Warning!)

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  • Chuck Norris ~~~ Matthew
  • Mike Norris ~~~ Jux Jonas
  • Carey Scott ~~~ Oren Ames
  • David A.R. White ~~~ Conrad Champlain
  • Marshall R. Teague ~~~ Joshua Ravel
  • Scarlett McAlister ~~~ Dianna
  • Grant James ~~~ Emeritus
  • Gabby Di Ciolli ~~~ Lyric
  • Scotty Veale ~~~ Jeremy
  • Tony Arbelaez ~~~ Minion
  • Julie Arebalo ~~~ Alecia Champlain
  • Geoff Bettes ~~~ Minion
  • Jon Paul Burkhart ~~~ Cafe Patron
  • Ilram Choi ~~~ Minion
  • Alyssa Cook ~~~ Alyssa Cook
  • Alyssa Joy Cook ~~~ Featured Sad Girl
  • Cody Cook ~~~ Cult Kid
  • Drew Cook ~~~ Cult Kid
  • Katrina Cook ~~~ Bartender
  • Tara DiLeva ~~~ Maria Ames
  • John Elliott ~~~ Minion
  • Roy Empfield
  • Tierce Green ~~~Minion
  • Mathew Greer ~~~ Pastor Bellows
  • Todd Jenkins ~~~ Minion
  • James LaMarr ~~~ Minion
  • Cindy Michelle ~~~ Emeritus’ Mother
  • Dallas Morris ~~~ Minion
  • Marcus Moziek ~~~ Franklin
  • Dennis O’Neill ~~~ Priest
  • Ricky Rivera ~~~ Minion
  • Cory Smith ~~~ Minion


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