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Best Friends Eternally

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CFDb Review:

Just what would it take to be best friends eternally?  We should all be reaching out to our unsaved family and friends.

Best Friends Eternally

Film Description:

Best Friends Eternally – Jackson and Tony are two retired buddies who met in the army in Vietnam.

Tony, a devout Christian, although perhaps a member of the frozen chosen, has been witnessing to Jackson since they occupied adjoining beds in a military hospital. Jackson, who becomes a science teacher after his tour of duty, has successfully repelled Tony’s personal application of the Great Commission.

When Tony’s granddaughter moves in with Tony to attend college, the dynamics of the relationship between the two best friends changes drastically. The unexpected arrival of an attractive woman complicates things even more, jeopardizing their status as “best friends”.

Best Friends Eternally - Christian Movie/Film, Donald James Parker - Screenshot

Film Cast

  • Courtney Lee Simpson … Abby
  • Donald James Parker … Tony
  • Wanda Morganstern … Belle
  • Royce Henry … Jackson
  • Kira Cupp … Madison
  • Tony Caudill … Roy
  • Adra Cooper … Brittany
  • Sam Purkey … Shane
  • Michael Scifo … Belle’s lover
  • Hannah Grace Jones … Hanna
  • Keyvan Neal … Pastor of Tony’s church
  • David Vandergriff … Pastor of Madison’s church
  • Molly Cooper … Beth

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Sword of the Spirit Publishing Representative: Donald James Parker
Phone: Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details


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  1. Brenda R Blackburn says
    01 April 15, 5:53am

    This is really a good movie and one that I recommend. A christian movie about two friends that have been friends along time. One knows Christ and is very concerned his friend Jackson, doesn’t. I won’t give the movie away. Watch it! You will enjoy every second of it.

  2. Dolores E. Torres-Green says
    07 April 15, 6:44pm

    Donald James Parker has written another masterpiece! Best Friends Eternally starring Donald and Royce Henry as two veteran friends who have bonded over experience serving in Vietnam War and a game of chess serves as a must see for every individual, family, community, and especially churches abroad! The many messages I walked away with were those pertaining to what a true friendship means and is, character, challenges, grace, mercy, and redemption along with so many more about discipleship and engaging the church, sinner, and saint in the process of discipleship. I watched very engaged as the granddaughter come to stay with Donald while attending college and how her witness for Jesus led several to the Lord including Donald’s friend Royce who was an atheist. The generations to come will also be empowered by this message. Every youth Pastor would benefit from showing this movie to their youth ministries. I am blown away by the humbleness depicted on screen as well as the down to earth realness in the whole script. I was blessed and this means I will be honored to rite this review and several others where needed to help in getting the message out; Jesus Saves!!” Thank You Donald and Royce, humbly. It is my pleasure to share how two veterans changed their world around them and had their own lives changed in the process of transformation inside and out!

  3. Alice Caruso says
    17 April 15, 11:32am

    I just finished reviewing “Best Friends Eternally.” The plot of the movie is well presented. The actors and actresses were effective in all parts of the film with getting their point across. However, I did see some need for better transition following some of the scenes. The lighting could use some improvement. But, the music and the musicians were wonderful!. The songs chosen were very appropriate for this film. I felt the movie was very God-honoring.

  4. Patricia Richards says
    07 July 15, 11:44pm

    “Best Friends Eternally” – let me begin this review by saying the plot of the movie was GREAT – very interesting and enjoyable! The actors and actresses played their parts very well. After viewing the movie I can truly say that I was pleased with the resolution of the various issues presented during the film.

    I was so impressed with the part of “Jackson” – knowing Royce Henry as a Man of God – and as a Best Friend for over 10 years – I was wondering how he could portray an atheist. Very well done Royce. Every actor and actress was very good in their roles – they each portrayed them so well – it was easy to stay interested in the story.

    I liked the message presented in the film. I thought the story was very well written by Donald James Parker.

    Thank You Mr. Parker for writing and producing Christian films – I will be eagerly anticipating the next chapter in your “Best Friends” series.

    God Bless!

    Pat Richards

  5. 11 December 15, 4:59pm

    I just viewed Best Friends Eternally ,Its a Movie I enjoyed from the Start to the End . written well by Mr. Parker . All the Actors did a AWESOME acting role . I was excited to see this movie because over the years my friend Royce Henry had show clips from the his acting I knew he be a natural in Acting ! Im looking forwards to viewing Best friends Recycled. .

  6. David Twitchell says
    12 December 15, 1:51pm

    Best Friends Eternally is a delightful film about the “water and oil” relationship between two friends dating back to the Vietnam war. This Mutt and Jeff pair have gone through thick and thin, but Tony believes that Jackson would be fulfilled if he only turned to Jesus. However, as Jackson starts to turn towards God, Tony starts to backslide. Enough of the spoiler, you have to see the film to see what happens.

    Do you have a scientifically minded friend who rejects the notion of God, or the need for a Savior? Then I recommend that you give them this film as a gift. You’ll be glad you did.

  7. Stephen Warren says
    22 December 15, 9:07pm

    The movie was Fantastic and very Moving. I would definitely recommend this movie?

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