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Beyond Natural Eye

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CFDb Review:

This is a story about temptation, trust and prayer, with a great message for those seeking marriage.

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Beyond Natural Eye

Film Description:

Beyond Natural Eye is a faith based story that brings the reality of the unseen world to the fore, where not everything is always what it seems. This is reflected in the uniquely independent experiences of Paul, Fiyin, Shayo & Pastor Tendai.

Paul Bassey, an ambitious professional who, though a Christian, tends to reason things out more with his head than his heart. A particular series of personal encounter one day soon gives him a deep spiritual re-awakening.

Fiyin Stevens is single but frustrated. Her world seems to be crumbling right before her natural eye when her fiancé Bobby abruptly ends their relationship six months to their wedding. Bitter and angry though she may be, Fiyin remains unrelenting in her desire to have Bobby back in her life – even if it means ‘praying’ him back into her life.

Then there is a supposed Christian – Shayo Babatunde – whose lifestyle contradicts the very tenets of the Christian Faith. Unhappy with his marriage, he often finds excuses to incline more toward his lustful desires for other women, forgetting that sin does have its consequences – sometimes dire or too late for remedy.

Finally, Pastor Tendai Nyongo is an easy-going though fervent servant of God whose inner peace suddenly gets tampered with on a fateful Sunday morning. Tendai and his wife Lupita are on their way to a Church service that he presides over, when he makes a phone call which unsuspectingly exposes his heart to offence and resentment. Lupita gracefully steps in, offering a timely succour, and urging him not to allow offence gain a foothold in his heart. The spiritual implication of that incident is what they soon get to find out.

Release Date: (DVD) April 2017!

Film Cast

  • Shola Oshinleye … Fiyin Stevens
  • Lucky Atuegbe … Paul Bassey
  • Pat Ayo … Mikaela Bassey
  • Paul Perreli … MiniCooper owner
  • Sam Alenbalulu … Charles Ehiwe
  • Festus Obasogie … Bobby Idahosa
  • Emmanuel Alloteh-Annan … Shayo Babatunde
  • Busola Atuegbe … Jess
  • Precious Shadrack … Lupita Nyongo
  • Andrew Ilevbare … Pastor Tendai Nyongo
  • Ayo Ladeji … Demon
  • Osas Ayo … Demon
  • Divine Osemwheka … Ada Uguzor
  • Busola Bammeke … Oyin Adebayo
  • Tunji Oshineye … Oyin’s husband
  • Larry Bammeke … Johnny Caston
  • David Benzoe … George Yohana
  • Chidi Ezenwa … Terry Chukwuma
  • Mark Ayo … George’s dad
  • Imma Ezenwa … George’s mom
  • Obi Obiora … Sandra Oliseh
  • Cecil Grant … Restaurant Attendant
  • Amanda Ladeji … Amanda Babatunde

Film Company Contact Details

Company: TNM Ministry Representative: Larry Bammeke
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Film Details

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    08 January 19, 1:32pm

    I sincerely recommend that this movie (BEYOND NATURAL EYE) be watched seen in most Churches, Movie Theatres and Youth Fellowships; I AM 100% SURE IT WILL BE A POTENT TOOL FOR EVANGELISM. It really torch-bears on the most important aspect of the society i.e. THE FOUNDATION OF A GODLY/CHRISTIAN HOME. I have watched the movie from the begining to the end and i found it so revealing. In summary it borders on the salient fact that we as good Christians ought not to rest on our oars; we must ALWAYS be on our guard spiritually lest we become an object of ridicule to the devil and his cohorts.

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