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Beyond the Gates of Splendor

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Film Synopsis:

In 1956, five American missionaries to Ecuador were brutally speared to death by a savage Stone Age tribe of Indians known as the Aucas. Two years later, the wife and sister of two of the murdered missionaries walked into the jungle to live with the same people who had murdered the men they loved. Today, the Aucas (now known as the Waodani) are changed people. This is their story.

This feature-length documentary film combines interviews with character storytelling to carry the audience from the early 1950s to the present day and from the Stone Age to the 21st century, across two continents and three languages.

The story begins in the Eastern Amazon Basin with interviews of the actual Waodani Indians who had speared five missionaries to death in 1956, a story made famous in Life Magazine. The Waodani were known at the time as Aucas and were the most violent society ever documented. 6 of every 10 deaths of Waodani adults were homicides.

Two years after Elisabeth Elliot, the wife of one of the murdered men and Rachel Saint, the sister of another, went to live with the Waodani tribe, the homicide rate dropped over 90%.

Years later, Steve Saint, the son of one of the missionaries who was killed, moved his family from Florida to live with the tribe. His children now call one of the elders in the tribe “grandfather,” even though he is the same man who killed their real grandfather.

This is an amazing story about how love can truly transform any situation and how faith makes family out of the most unlikely people.

  • Steve Saint ~~~ Himself
  • Carmela ~~~ Herself
  • Dawa ~~~ Herself
  • Dayumae ~~~ Herself
  • Frank Drown ~~~ Himself
  • Kathy Saint Drown ~~~ Herself
  • Elisabeth Elliot Gren ~~~ Herself
  • Dave Howard ~~~ Himself
  • Kimo ~~~ Himself
  • Olive Fleming Liefeld ~~~ Herself
  • Christopher Maleki ~~~ King Cyrus
  • Marilou McCully ~~~ Herself
  • Mincaye ~~~ Himself
  • Col. Malcolm Nurnberg¹ ~~~ Himself
  • Ompodae ~~~ Herself
  • Paa ~~~ Himself
  • Carole Robarchek ~~~ Herself
  • Clayton Robarchek ~~~ Himself
  • Ginny Saint ~~~ Herself
  • Jaime Saint ~~~ Himself
  • Jesse Saint ~~~ Himself
  • Rachel Saint ~~~ Herself
  • Valerie Elliot Shepard ~~~ Herself
  • Tementa ~~~ Himself
  • Marj Saint Van Der Puy ~~~ Herself
  • Barbara Youderian ~~~ Herself
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