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Beyond The Gates

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Film Synopsis:

Based on true events and filmed in Rwanda with genocide survivors as cast and crew, Beyond The Gates tells their shared story of humanity in the most inhumane circumstances.

In April 1994, a secondary school in Kigali, Rwanda called the Ecole Technique Officielle (ETO), being used as a UN army base, became a refugee camp. Belgian UN troops, school children, NGO workers and over 2,500 Tutsi citizens and their sympathizers took refuge against a raging genocide while the Hutu militia, clad with machetes, clamored outside the school gates.

At first, life is relatively calm at the European-run school where UN peacekeepers provide protection for students and refugees alike, in a country scarred by historically warring factions. And a wise if world-weary Catholic priest (John Hurt) is an apt spiritual guide for an idealistic young teacher (Hugh Dancy). But when Hutu militia launch a bloody attack on the school, the two men must search their faith and decide whether to face death amongst the refugees or flee for safety.

Beyond The Gates is about the choices we make when we are free to choose. In the tragic circumstances of the Ecole Technique Officielle, would you have left with the UN troops on the fifth day or would you have stayed?

*Note: This film is unrated. While it has been edited for language, due to strong violence, disturbing images and subject matter it’s strongly advised that parents preview before allowing children to watch.

There are two editions of this film. One is Rated R, the other is a edited edition!

(Parental Warning!)

  • John Hurt ~~~ Christopher
  • Hugh Dancy ~~~ Joe Connor
  • Dominique Horwitz ~~~ Capitaine Charles Delon
  • Louis Mahoney ~~~ Sibomana
  • Nicola Walker ~~~ Rachel
  • Steve Toussaint ~~~ Roland
  • David Gyasi ~~~ François
  • Susan Nalwoga ~~~ Edda
  • Victor Power ~~~ Julius
  • Jack Pierce ~~~ Mark
  • Musa Kasonka Jr. ~~~ Boniface
  • Kizito Ssentamu Kayiira ~~~ Pierre
  • Clare-Hope Ashitey ~~~ Marie


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Beyond The Gates, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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