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Billy: The Early Years (Billy Graham)

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Rating: 4.8/5 (2 votes cast)

CFDb Review:

What an inspiration film.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Film Synopsis:

Everyone knows who he is. Now find out how he got there. Most of us know Billy Graham as the self-assured and charismatic preacher who became one of the most important figures of 20th Century Christianity. Now, with the release of Billy: The Early Years, we meet Billy as the earnest promising young man at the crossroads of faith and doubt, ultimately facing the moment of decision that launched one of history’s most powerful evangelistic careers.

Most compellingly, Billy: The Early Years paints its portrait of Graham against the backdrop of his relationship with Charles Templeton, another gifted young preacher whose faith could not withstand the onslaught of scientific skepticism. He and Graham parted ways and in the film, Templeton comes to personify the rising tide of disbelief into which Graham launched his crusades.

The movie’s power lays in its honest portrayal of Billy’s struggle with the ideas represented in Templeton’s eventual unbelief and shows how Billy’s faith, so dramatically portrayed in the film, goes on to change the face of modern evangelism. “Graham questioned whether he should go back and be a dairy farmer and follow in his father’s footsteps, instead of his Father in heaven,” says producer and writer Bill McKay. “He was right on the cusp of shrinking back on his calling. He was wrestling with God. But he came to an absolutely concrete understanding from God to take the Bible by faith.” As we all now know, that faith, so dramatically portrayed in the film by Armie Hammer, would go on to change the face of modern evangelism.

  • J. Thomas Bailey ~~~ Doctor
  • Dan Beene ~~~ Dr. Minder
  • Cliff Bemis ~~~ Dr. Mordecai Ham
  • Zephyr Benson ~~~ Moviegoer
  • Eric Berner ~~~ MC
  • Terry Blackwood ~~~ Quartet Singer
  • Abbi Butler ~~~ Rosa Bell
  • Stefanie Butler ~~~ Ruth Graham
  • Cody Carwile ~~~ Grady Wilson
  • Burton Collins ~~~ Torrey Johnson
  • Cynthia Correro ~~~ Librarian
  • Bobby Daniels ~~~ Custodian
  • Josh DeVries ~~~ T.W. Wilson
  • Rivkah Edelman ~~~ Connie Templeton
  • Donald Farmer ~~~ News Photographer
  • Becky Fly ~~~ Housewife
  • Jerry Foster ~~~ Old Cowboy Song Leader
  • Armie Hammer ~~~ Billy Graham
  • Neva Howell ~~~ Shea Secretary
  • Martin Landau ~~~ Charles Templeton – older
  • Colin McCann ~~~ Charles Massey
  • Gene McDonald ~~~ Quartet Singer
  • Johnny Minick ~~~ Quartet Singer
  • Tyler Northcott ~~~ Melvin
  • Jennifer O’Neill ~~~ Reporter
  • James DeForest Parker ~~~ Frank Graham
  • Noel Pittman ~~~ Marjorie Bostrom
  • Kristoffer Polaha ~~~ Charles Templeton – young
  • Kevin Quigley ~~~ Angry Man
  • Ladye Love Smith ~~~ Woman at Tent Revival
  • Reggie Smith ~~~ Quartet Singer
  • Lily Taylor-Mortoff ~~~ Emily
  • Jonathan Thomas ~~~ Albert
  • Josh Turner ~~~ George Beverly Shea
  • Lindsay Wagner ~~~ Morrow Graham
  • Darius Willis ~~~ Darryl/homeless man
  • Greg Wilson ~~~ Business Man
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Billy: The Early Years (Billy Graham), 4.8 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. Becky says
    11 December 15, 2:20am

    This was a very well made movie. This is a definite good movie for the family! It’s flamboyant comedy and fast pace will keep all members of the family engaged- from 5 years old to 102. (In my Opinion) I heard someone say it was corny, and there was a corny style to it, but NOT in the overall quality of the film. The corn comes in as a light hearted humor in various spots in the film. It does not, however, take away from the meaning as I have seen happen in some other films, especially in the Christian Genre. The humor is very intentional and the story line carries out very well. I was impressed with the creative transitions and some of the cinematography for a smaller budget film.
    I will add a small note here that this movie is more focused on the personal life story of young Billy Graham, and so focuses more on him and his struggles rather than an overview of his ministry as you could probably expect to see in “Billy- The Later Years” hahaha. But the gospel is still pretty plainly portrayed, and definitely more clearly presented then in a lot of the Christian Films I have seen produced in recent years. For this reason, I would not lean so much on the side of calling it an inspirational film, though it has strong points in that, but I would say it’s overall impression would be put more in the category of a family entertainment in style and feeling along with historical and inspirational value. Does that make sense? Maybe it will after you watch the movie. 🙂

    Thank You Producers, Directors, Camera Men, Actors, Actresses, Screen Play Writers, etc. etc. For giving us a film about the historic figure in the gospel that we hope future generations will never forget. THANKS!

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