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Birdie and Bogey

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Rating: 4.5/5 (2 votes cast)

CFDb Review:

Main theme – don’t get sidetracked. Focus on the mission and don’t let people get you down. No real Christian fruit shown in this film but still a great film.

Film Synopsis:

Sometimes the strength to rise above life’s trials comes from the unlikeliest of places. And when that strength comes from the world of Birdie O’Connor’s dreams, nothing is impossible.

A heartfelt story…about a little girl, a father…and the unbreakable bond they share. United in faith, they pursue a daughter’s wish for her father, to once again play on the PGA Tour.

When Danny O’Connor chooses his daughter, Birdie, as his caddy, the golfing association is stunned. However, when Danny starts to win with the help of his young coach, the world takes notices. Danny’s shot at the PGA is within reach.

Just when his position on the PGA tour seems secure, Birdie’s life is threatened with a deadly disease. Without his daughter’s inspiration, Danny must find a way to carry on alone that he may fulfill his daughter’s dying wish. Birdie and Bogey is a story of determination… friendship… strength… hope and the bond that is eternal.

  • Janine Turner ~~~ Amy
  • Mike Norris ~~~ Danny O’Conner
  • Carey Scott ~~~ Lester Stillman
  • Amanda Alch ~~~ Birdie O’Conner
  • Sheree J. Wilson ~~~ Shelia
  • Grant James ~~~ Dr. Carroll
  • Bill Poague ~~~ Tony Templeman
  • Kevin Downes ~~~ Zach Cornell
  • Valerie Norris ~~~ Dr. Scott
  • Vince Davis ~~~ Man #1
  • Demi Baumann ~~~ Party girl
  • Kenny Baumann ~~~ Party Boy
  • Gene Christensen ~~~ Golf Caddie
  • Deborah Daulton-Morton ~~~ Nurse
  • John Elliott ~~~ Doctor
  • Cara Gayle Grippin ~~~ Paramedic
  • Robin McGee ~~~ Man #2
  • DeAnne Bonneau ~~~ Birdie’s Nurse
  • Daniel Morton ~~~ Pro Golfer
  • Autumn Paul ~~~ Reporter
  • Parrish Randall ~~~ Press photographer
  • Ron D. Thornton ~~~ Pro Golfer
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Birdie and Bogey, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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