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Breaking the Press

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CFDb Review!

An enjoyable, Christian film, well worth watching! A couple of really great songs in the soundtrack as well!

Film Synopsis:

When the game divided them, faith brought them together.

This inspiring retelling of the Prodigal Son parable stars Drew Waters (NBC’s Friday Night Lights) as Joe Conahey, a high school basketball coach whose Christian faith is tested by a season of discontent.

Joe hits rock bottom when his adopted son Josh, the team’s talented but self-centered star, transfers to a big-city school, betraying his teammates and family. Only through the power of prayer and forgiveness can the troubled Josh make his way back into the arms of his loving father and find redemption.

  • Drew Waters … Joe Conaghey
  • Farah White
  • Tom Maden … Josh Conaghey
  • Chad Halbrook … Matt Conaghey
  • Burton Gilliam
  • Kimberly Whalen … Sarah
  • Jennifer Besser … Teacher
  • Morgan Calhoun
  • Kimberly Lynn Campbell … Scorekeeper
  • Alyssa Joy Cook … Student
  • Cody Cook … Pool Party Goer
  • Drew Cook … Teen smoking
  • Bob DeRobio … Church Member
  • Richard Dillard … Tex Summer
  • Jessica Bañuelos … Erin
  • Juli Erickson … Aunt Julie
  • James Fraschilla … Opposing Team Player
  • Robert Hayes … Keyshawn
  • Caleb Hill … Student/Church member
  • Walt Hollis … Church Member
  • Saundra Johnson … Church Member
  • Charles Tyler Kinder … Basketball Fan
  • Jamie Caver … High School Student
  • Joe Lozano … Pool party student
  • Angel Mandudi … Basketball fan
  • Crystal Olivia Mandudi … Basketball Fan
  • scarlette Herndon martin … Party guest of coach
  • Bryan Massey … Lamont Ray
  • Tiffany McManus … Middle School Student
  • Tamara Michel-Frewen … High School Counselor
  • Starla Osburn … Church member
  • Matt Phillips … Randy
  • Vanessa Riley … Fan
  • Shelby Schneider … Sunday School Student/Basketball Fan
  • Jennifer Sipes … Karen
  • Morgana Shaw … Jessie
  • Dean A. Sorenson … High School Teacher
  • Sherri Marie Squires¹ … Church Member
  • Skylar Tallal … Fan
  • Todd Terry … News Anchor
  • Taylor Tippins … Heather
  • Michelle Toche … Patron in restaurant
  • Matthew Tompkins … Osmond Davies
  • Alleigh Schulz … Girl in Bikini
  • Gracie Whitton … Church Member
  • Katie Willhite … Nerd
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Breaking the Press, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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  1. Robin Poteet says
    15 December 11, 8:52pm

    What song was Aunt Julie listening to in Breaking The Press when decorating the Christmas tree?

  2. Annelie says
    16 December 11, 10:30am

    We haven’t seen this one yet but on the back of the DVD cover it says “Music available on Curb Records, Including “Jesus, Take My Hand” Performed by Jamie Slocum. I hope this helps. We will be watching this film shortly so we’ll pay attention to that scene and see if we can find out exactly which one you are referring to.


  3. Annelie says
    01 April 12, 8:04pm

    The song is “Baby King” by Barry Taylor but I can’t find any links to where you can purchase this song. It was quite catchy!


  4. Tina says
    29 April 15, 9:11am

    I just watched it on TBN now! and loved every moment of it! especially the part where you can take anything to God in prayer and He loves us even when we are unfaithful. What a Savior!

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