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Brother Sun, Sister Moon

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Brother Sun, Sister Moon


Film Description:

Francesco’s (Graham Faulkner) father wants him to join the family trade, but he has a higher calling in mind. His friend Claire (Judy Bowker) is sympathetic to his desire to serve God, so the two start their own church and gain a following, much to the dismay of the local bishop. Seeking approval, Francesco walks barefoot to the Vatican to meet with the Pope (Alec Guinness). Franco Zeffirelli directs the story of St. Francis of Assisi.

(Parental Warning for: Francis Nude from the backside)

  • Graham Faulkner ~~~ St. Francis of Assisi
  • Judi Bowker ~~~ Clare
  • Leigh Lawson ~~~ Bernardo
  • Kenneth Cranham ~~~ Paolo
  • Lee Montague ~~~ Pietro Di Bernardone
  • Valentina Cortese ~~~ Pica Di Bernardone
  • Alec Guinness ~~~ Pope Innocent III
  • Michael Feast ~~~ Silvestro
  • Nicholas Willatt ~~~ Giacondo
  • John Sharp ~~~ Bishop Guido
  • Adolfo Celi ~~~ Consul
  • Francesco Guerrieri ~~~ Deodato
  • Aristide Caporale ~~~ Derelict
  • Carlo Pisacane ~~~ San Damiano Priest
  • Massimo Foschi ~~~ Young spanish Cardinal
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  1. CFDb says
    09 August 12, 6:22pm

    This film is out of print, we will let you know when a re-release is planned. Thanks

  2. CFDb says
    22 February 14, 6:46am

    This film is back in print, make sure you check both listings on Amazon, for the best price. 🙂

  3. 04 March 17, 7:04am

    It was a hit in the 70s with a name like Zefirelli pulling in his crowd (previous: ROMEO AND JULIET). His clan looked like the flower people of Woodstock or (gulp) Manson’s Tajunga compound.

    Keep in mind that Islamic armies were making their way here and there. It may look stodgy and off-beat, but at least someone was standing up to the battle plan of Islam. Meaning that this film was the first of many to be written that would cause us in the West to warm up to Islam, because the “warmongering” of the Christian West was so “despicable.” A lot to think about.

    As I recall Assisi did get to preach to a Muslim leader at one point; he was near-death and confused and decided to be a Christian to ‘cover all the bases.’ His ‘tribe’ did not.

    Marcus Sanford
    script developer

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